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Light snacks for work


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  1. For a special occasion or just stuff to keep in your desk to nosh on?

    1. My standard snack or emergency food is an apple, individually wrapped string cheese sticks, and a little baggie of soy nuts. Not messy or smelly if eating in a cubicle, yet filling.

      1. hummus and carrot sticks.....a sliced apple with peanut butter.....wasabi peas...to name a few

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          as a p.s. to this...are wasabi peas "healthy"?? I've often wondered if they are deep fried....i buy them in bulk.

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            the nutritional content varies widely depending on the manufacturer. if you tell me the brand [if you know it] i can probably help...

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                hmmm...we don't have bulk barn in the states [lucky canucks!], so i have no idea what brand they carry.

                as a rule, wasabi peas aren't super-high in fat, but there's a big range among products - anywhere from 1 to 7 grams of fat and 80 to 120 calories per one-ounce serving [about 85 peas]. it really all depends on the other ingredients. some are made with rice flour, others with wheat. some contain sugar, artificial colors, and they all have varying amounts of oil...every one of these factors contributes to how the final nutritional content breaks down.

                when all is said and done they're definitely not the worst snack you can eat, but it's easy to eat way too many. that one-ounce serving is about 1/3 cup, or a small handful.

                i'm sure if you ask the manager or buyer at the store, he or she can get you the information. sorry i can't be of more help!

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                  I'm pretty sure they have the Nutritional Facts on each bin at the Bulk Barn.

        2. I agree with the apple suggestion...I also keep lightly salted almonds in my desk, perfect for mid-afternoon or mid-morning slump instead of caffeine or something sugary from the vending machine--raisins or any dried fruits are also a good idea and easy to keep IF you can handle the sugar.

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            and to combine the two....apple and almond butter is also good.

          2. do you have a refrigerator there?

            1. I bring mixed nuts from Trader Joe's. I also bring grapes and apples. Cut up veggies with hummus or cottage cheese work well too. And you can always bring yogurt.

              1. I work from home but the same goes here to avoid over eating during the day.
                I like hummous with pita chips easy to make your own and keep in a zip lock last for a few days.
                Cherry tomatos, cucumbers. Almonds are super healthy. Hardboiled eggs, I like to take out the yolk and just eat the egg white part with a tiny bit of dijon mustard.
                Salsa and whole wheat crackers
                Larabar Raw Natural Food Bars- I love these my favorite are the Cashew Cookie – Cashews, Dates and the Pecan Pie- Dates, Pecans, Almonds no filler crap in them and satisfying..great with a apple or half banana

                Take a banana, slice into quarters, on the flat side put a teaspoon of almond butter or peanut butter, wrap each one with plastic wrap and keep in the freezer..make a bunch ahead of time they keep for a month and just take one or two with you to work, good protein for mid day or late day.
                Instant oatmeal packs
                Miso soup packets add hot water in a mug.
                Dried soybeans

                1. Apple Chips - So easy to make yourself AND much healthier than the varieties sold in stores.
                  Nuts of any kind really. Very satisfying and healthful. I prefer cashews, but you have to be aware of the appropriate serving because they can realy add up calorie wise if you eat too many.
                  Any nut butter, again cashew is my fave, spread on any bread or in a pita. Very satisfying and does not require refrigeration. Also good with raisins or dried apricots on top
                  Granola bars - Alton Brown has a great recipe, but if you are not inclined to make your own there are very healthful variations that can be bought at nearly any grocery store.

                  1. -salsa and skim cottage cheese
                    -seaweed (esp love the teriyaki seaweed strips at Whole Foods)
                    -spicy turkey jerky at whole foods
                    -if you've got a fridge, egg white salad with low or non fat mayo or plain yogurt, curry, onion, etc. or, 0% total yogurt w/ a little high fiber cereal on the side.
                    -rice cakes w/ a little apple butter on the side to spread at snack time
                    -zen bakery fiber cakes from trader joe's
                    -dixie diner's maple smaps (great high protein and fiber cereal that i love dry)
                    -hard boiled egg (whites) with ryvita crackers

                    1. Grape tomatoes are easy - no cutting. When I'm not too lazy, I'll cut up a couple of cups of fruit & top it with some frozen - the frozen fruit keeps the rest cool.

                      1. I like nuts...all kinds, walnuts almonds, hazelnuts etc. I also find cereal a good snack to keep at work.