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Jalapeno Cheese Bread

I am looking for some fresh baked Jalapeno Cheese Bread. I took a drive up and down our great State last weekend (Best in the Union in growing food, making food and for eating food with great views from a windshield) and stopped at my short list of places to eat. At House of Bread in San Louis Obispo I bought three loafs of Jalapeno Cheese Bread to take home. All three are now gone. It was a great week! Now I am searching for Jalapeno Cheese Bread here in L.A. I want some bread that would go well with whipped cream cheese. What I would like is bread that is dense & moist like a good bagel and can be sliced thin (maybe 3/8") but still be strong enough to hold the cream cheese. House of Bread has not yet come to the L.A. area so I am on a quest to find what L.A. does have. Any ideas?

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  1. bread bar on third does the alpine bread, which is very tasty, no jalapenos though, but very good cheese. it's not a loaf of bread but noah's bagels has the best jalapeno cheddar bagel..

    1. Actually, not sure what area you are in, but they are opening up a House of Bread here in Chatsworth. The sign is already up (it's in a newly built stripmall) but I don't know when they will be opening.

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          Their web site actually says it's going to be in Northridge, but no address information was up yet.

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            It's in the new little strip mall they built on the corner of Devonshire and Mason. There is also going to be a Robek's Juice and a bank. They also closed the KFC there and are opening up a Sevan's Rotisserie chicken, which I'm excited about. I love Sevan's lamajeun (sp) -- armenian pizzas, so I'm hoping they will offer those too.

        2. Jalapeno Cheese Bagels from Brooklyn Bagel on Beverly Blvd, near Alvarado.

          1. Not exactly what you're looking for, but Rockenwagner bakery makes really good jalapeno cheese pretzel rolls, literally just pretzel rolls with cheese and jalapenos baked on them.

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              This was going to be my recommendation as well. They are really good!


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                I third this one... It's fine just by itself... but if one is so inclined to adorn it with cream cheese, who would complain...?

            2. Trader Joe's does a pretty darn good JCB in their bread section; FWIW, they also have a jalapeno cornbread that's good too, and I don't usually like heat.

              Pavillon's Bakery also does one in its bakery section

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                We also buy the one from Trader Joes. (Should have mentioned that in my previous post). It's not dense, but more fluffy, and it's baked in a bundt pan instead of loaf shape.

                I'm anxious for House of Bread to open up over here now so I can try their version!

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                  I second Trader Joes bread as well. It's soooooooo good. It's true, it's not a very dense bread. It almost remind me of the texture or a croissant..or ensaymada. I sliced mine up and threw it in the oven to let it crisp up a bit. Yum.

              2. The Pavilion (Culver City) has great Jalapeno Cheese Bread, especially when they just took them out of the oven. Their olive bread (black and green) are great too.

                1. Food-For-Less (and presumably Ralphs) has surprisingly good jalapeno/cheddar cheese rolls. These have a higher cheese/chili to bread ratio than the pull-a-part loaves.

                  1. The Farmer's Market in Pasadena on Saturday Mornings (Villa Park) and the one on Sunday in Alhambra both have a breadman (wonder if that is what the company is called) that has Jalapeno Cheese (Cheddar) Bread. Used to have much more cheese in it, but it is pretty good. Also, the other bread guy (the one with the long line) at the Pasadena FM has a great jalapeno (cheese?) bagel (also, don't miss their great baguettes and yeast-free sourdough!).

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                      I also bought a nice day-old version at How's Market in San Marino and love toasting it with some sharp cheddar melting all on top! MMMMM!!!! This version is more dense than the one I mentioned above. The above one is kinda like a white bread with jalapenos and some ribbons of cheddar in it.

                    2. I'm pretty sure Gelson's makes it fresh.

                      But the best ever is from Bourques market in Louisiana -- they ship.


                      1. There is a mexican bakery called Sonora Bakery on Whittier Blvd. (just west of Arizona) that makes this incredible Jalapeno Cheese Bread, that is soft, cheesy and definitely has full jalapeno flavor. Now, it might not be what you are looking for exactly, as:

                        1. Its not made with cheddar, but rather with something called requeson, which is akin to a fresh ricotta. The mildness of the cheese balances the chile well.
                        2. Not a loaf but rather individual pieces that are incredibly moist and flavorful

                        In true CH tradition, this isnt exactly what you are looking for, but is definitely worth a taste. The jalapeno cheese bread is kept on the counter by the register.

                        4484 Whittier Blvd
                        Los Angeles, CA 90022
                        (323) 266-0419

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                          Great reminder, ickster. Most Latino markets seem to carry these great breads. I believe they are usually made with bolillo dough. IMO the final product seems a little pricey (~$0.75) compared with one that starts with a decent cheddar. I still get them though :-).

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                            I get those at the King Ranch Market on Orange Grove in Pasadena. They are nice when warmed in the toaster oven. They are 99 cents each there, IIRC.

                        2. A discussion about finding this bread in Bishop has been moved to the general California board, you can find it here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/492638