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Jan 19, 2008 10:55 AM

Sonoma and Napa Winery Clubs

We live in Marin and make frequent trips to the wine country. We enjoy some of the winery clubs, primarily for the special dinners and other social events that many of them have. We just got the bad news that J Winery is discontinuing food pairings at its tasting bar (one of the big attractions for us) and we probably will quit their club and join another one. Can anyone recommend a winery club that has a good calendar of member events, good wines and doesn't require a huge annual purchase commitment?

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  1. We have never been unhappy with a selection that Robert Sinskey sends! It comes with a cooking item and recipes since his wife is a chef.

    We also belong to St Clement and Artessa who have fun events but I would recommend you visit there first to decide if you like their style.

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        1. The Sinskey suggestion is outstanding. We were members for 8 years and were never disappointed. Still a member of Artesa, the summer BBQ is the best in the valley. Cliff Lede is another we are still a member of and just think it's outstanding. Miner Family is great, you can't miss with a membership there.

          I must confess, we recently moved from the bay area to northern Florida, Amelia Island to be exact. Before moving we were in 11 wine clubs. It was fine since for the most part we were able to pick up our shipments at the wineries. However, since we moved shipping is involved so we dropped all but two, Artesa and Lede.

          The member events at both of these are outstanding. Sinskey has food pairings at the tasting room every Saturday plus recipes with their shipments. We loved this membership, just had to make a decision on what to keep. If we were still there, Sinskey would be a no brainer.

          Good luck.

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