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Jan 19, 2008 10:49 AM

Challah on the Westside on Friday Mornings?

Started with Whole Foods, then switched to Panera. But surely we could do better.

Any thoughts on your personal favorite, and it need not be always available, just Fridays will be fine.

It also need not be your favorite bakery, although of course there's going to be a high degree of correlation. But if you love X's challah but not their artisnal sourdough so much, no problem.

Anywhere on the westside; search of past 2 years shows a few recs in valley and eastside, but that's too far...

I disagree about Juniors pretty strongly when it comes to baked goods; really only good for a low-key breakfast meeting imo. Haven't tried Schwartz, which I will, or Diamond, which is too far afield.


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  1. There is a bagel shop in the shopping mall at SE corner of Sepulveda and National that my Jewish friends like. My daughter likes their chocolate chip challah which is available on Friday only. I've seen egg, sesame or poppy seed challahs on other days. I think it's called The Bagel Factory.

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      There is Eilat bakery on the corner of Bundy and Santa Monica. I have purcahased a few things there but not challah. I was upset once because I purchased an eclair and it was frozen in the middle. I am sure that the make fresh challah on fridays as it is a kosher bakery.

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        I second this rec and yes, it's called The Bagel Factory but the sign just says BAGELS in big red letters. Their soups are really good as well.

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          I don't know about their Challahs, but the soups at both the robertson and the National location are really good.

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            Boy, when I saw this thread I thought I'd be the first to mention the challah at the Bagel Factory at Sepulveda and National. Now I'll just add that if you stop in on a Sunday morn or even on Saturday (?), the remaining day-old challahs are deeply discounted -- I mean REALLY cheap. They still are good toasted and buttered, but their real usefulness now is as a rich, delicious base for bread pudding or similar recipes.

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              I can never get the chocolate chip ones on other days. Either they are popular or they don't bake enough of them.

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                call me nuts - i don't get chocolate chip challah. the raisins maybe on the fall holidays, but chocolate chip challah to me islike chocolate chip mashed potatoes.

                might be good but i find it strange.

                stranger than say the delicious branzino carpaccio with sea urchin i had at la botte the other night (i said i wasn't that religious).

                1. re: Jerome

                  My teen daughter likes the chocolate chip challah because she was served one at a party. My son likes choc chip bagel with lox and cream cheese, so I suspect he would even like choc chip mashed potatoes. lol. I think they like choc chip anything.

                  I was intrigued by the branzino carpaccio with sea urchin at La Botte, too, but the taste didn't awe me. I love their whole roasted branzino though.

        2. My FAVORITE place to get challah is the BELWOOD BAKERY on Sunset and Barrington..omg. They have them only on Fridays. Heavenly.

            1. still like schwartz's on fairfax. if I'm going to get it Friday morning with ritual in mind, although I'm not really religious, i'd rather get it from a shomer shabbat bakery. gives them some business as well.

              1. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Noah's Bagels only makes Challah on Fridays, and it's lovely. So is Viktor Benes' (Century City Gelson's has one).

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                  As does the Gelson's in the Marina (I picked up a seeded twist challah there a couple of weeks ago as part of a house-warming gift).