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Jul 25, 2001 01:48 PM

Looking for flour supplier

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A friend and I have sort of fallen from pizza grace - him from Chicago, me from NY/Boston - and we've been trying to recreate pizza glory in our own homes. Currently following a recipe from John Thorne that involves some bizzare mixture of pastry flours, a particular brand of King Arthur super-hard gluten-something-or-other flour, and something else that I can't even pronounce.

Anybody know of a good hardcore supplier for flours?


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  1. King Arthur Flour has its own site @

    1. Bob's Red Mill has the widest selection of flours anywhere, from grains I have never seen or heard of elsewhere... They supply millet flour for the injers at Ethiopian restaurants, buckwheat, spelt, quinoa, pea flour, all sorts of stuff. Check the "Products" section of their website, below.

      I visited their headquarters in Portland and was shown around by founder Bob Moore, who has an obsessive fascination with flour and can wax lyrical about it... He also has a collection of antique grindstones.


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        Thanks, guys. Another question: any local places that have a decent variety of flours, in case I wanted to buy in small amounts and experiment?