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Jan 19, 2008 10:21 AM

Boiled crawfish and raw oysters?

We're getting some company for Mardis Gras and we've planned out our dining (based on company requests), alhtough I am having a difficult time with one request: a place that will do good raw oysters AND boiled crawfish. I'm not sure if crawfish will even be in season yet (isn't it a bit dicey at this time of year?), so it may end up being a non-issue. I'd do Casamento's for the oysters, but the crawfish need will go unmet. Any suggestions?

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  1. I think Maspero has both. Someone here will know for sure.

    1. We've picked up boiled crawfish from K-jeans on Carrollton (about 3 doors down from Brocato, same side of the street). Select are about $1 per pound more and IMO worth it. Large tails very well seasoned. Prices are a bit high since its's early in the season. Around $3.99(select). Prior tto picking up the crawfish, I boiled the corn, onions and potatoes at home. A great easy dinner with Abita on tap.

      1. Big Al's Seafood, the new place on Annunciation in the building vacated by Fire, does both. I went for the second time this past weekend. The crawfish my fist visit were primarily small, but the second time they were all decent sized. So I would say crawfish season is in full swing. Didn't have any oysters but they have a raw and charbroiled on the menu.

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          Terribly disappointed by Big Al's on Annunciation. Went for lunch today. Sulky staff apologetically broke it to us that the fire department had not approved their broiler yet and so there are no chargrilled ersters (oh the irony, considering the setting of the restaurant). Also no crawfish "til this afternoon" (it was afternoon). The space is horrifying acoustically and its "chic" po-mo interior clashes like plaid to the [alleged] seafood's polkadots. The only thing that matched the decor was the $1 per piece of corn. Its either K-jeans or Cap't Sal's for me or Salvo's if I'm feelin the drive...

          1. re: bobinnola

            our experiences were very different. i found the waiters charming and helpful. each time i asked about something on the menu, they brought out a sample - a sample crawfish, a sample of the cole slaw, a sample of the crab soup. i'll give you that there are kinks (the broiler thing you mentioned is one example. also, the server didn't know what beers they had available since they were getting new ones in daily). and i also agree with you that the big room and its decor doesn't jibe with the menu. but i chalk all that up to new restaurant issues. i'm confident it will be smoothed out. as for the food, the boiled shrimp were perfect and the boiled crawfish were very good. that was all i had. the two times i've been, big al came to the table (he's not very big at all; it's one of those ironic nicknames) and asked how everything was and chatted for a few minutes. both times he said if there was anything we needed, like a bag of live crawfish for a boil or a sack of oysters at cost, to give him a call. i left with very positive feelings. i'm pulling for this place.