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Jan 19, 2008 10:01 AM

what to buy: main knife

Wusthof has a cook's knife in a few of their lines that is hollow ground, which I'm thinking of getting. Can anyone comment: is there any reason I would not want these kullen (or whatever they're called) in my main knife?

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  1. The kullens are designed so foods don't stick to the blade, but I don't think that they make much of a difference. Cheese still sticks, and I have never had a serious problems with meat and veggies sticking to the blade. It's a personal choice.

    I have them on my Kitchenaid santuko, but not on my traditional chefs knives.

    1. thing about those hollow things is that once u sharpen to that point, the knife is pretty much dead.

      1. The saying I hear is, you only need 3 knives. A 8-10" chef, bread and a paring knife. I would go with a forged knife. Wusthof's Classic, IKon, Cordon Blue has good reviews by consumers.

        1. I think they're a gimmick, actually. I have knives with 'em and without 'em and they perform the same.

          Most important thing about buying a good knife is to try it out before you buy it. Knives are like shoes -- they need to fit your hand and be comfortable.

          You would be really surprised at how different various mfrs knives feel when you hold them.

          And IMO, medicinewheel is right: chefs, bread and paring are the essentials.

          1. It's all a matter of personal preference.

            The hollow ground is excellent when slicing meats and veggies. They won't stick to the knife. I don't like hollow ground on the German chef knife or santoku because the blades become too thick. Hollow ground work well on 7-9" slicers. My main knife is a Global 8" chef. I also have the Henckel Pro S and Wustof Classic chef but I find the lighter weight and weight distribution of the Global to be more maneuverable.

            Like I said it's all personal preference. Definitely try out the knives before you buy.