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Jul 25, 2001 01:46 PM

Farmer's market woes

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I've been hitting the Westwood and Hollywood farmer's markets a lot, and I've been finding my take... variable. Sometimes I get glories, sometimes duds. Anybody who does this stuff regular know any particular booths or stalls? I've noticed that the same farms tend to have booths in many different markets, so any experience with any markets would be welcome.


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    LA Cheesemonger

    What types of produce are you looking for?

    Are you speaking of the Sunday 'Hollywood' farmer's mkt., or the much smaller
    W. Hollywood spot?

    Try the Santa Monica Farmer's mkt. at Arizona & 2nd on Wed. from 9:30-2PM? Same spot on Sat. 8:30-1PM?, much smaller, mostly organics produce.

    Please e-mail me back with your e-mail as I have some questions about your other posts

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      I have a restaurant in Santa Monica and think we have the best market around. Wednesday is larger with more farmers. I would suggest taking the time to stop and talk to the farmers in each booth and get to know them, ask questions on what they have and what is coming up in the next few weeks. Go early before the market is picked over, also your food will last longer if it is purchase early before it gets to hot. Most of the restaurants pre-order items and pick them up in the morning when it is cool. You will see many local Chef and have the opportunity to ask questions on what to do with some of the more unusual items.