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Jan 19, 2008 09:53 AM

Caring for your Utopias

After a couple of years of searching, apparently, some friends of mine were able to get their hands on a bottle of utopia for me. My excitement was unbounded. I've been hesitant to open it because I'm not terribly sure how long it will last once I have. Obviously this isn't going to go bad in a couple days and may infact never truly go "bad", but honestly I don't really know. Any advice would be much appreciated

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  1. I asked a bartender at the Belgian Room in NYC that exact question. I asked her that if only 5 people order a 2oz pour per month, wouldn't it be a waste to throw a bottle of Utopia away? She told me that the bottle itself will be "fresh" for 4-5 months, and then it may begin to lose some characteristics. But by no means does that mean it has gone "bad."

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      Okay as a bartender, beer geek and brewer, I suggest that you use some canned co2 to protect from oxidation. I mean, a beer that's 25% alcohol is never going to go bad, but wouldn't you hate to have the last swallow taste like wet cardboard?