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Jan 19, 2008 09:51 AM

Mr John's Steakhouse

Just had a great meal here last week, and it was superb! The service as absolutely fantastic. Very attentive, professional in a non-overbearing manner. They don't merely refill beverages and water, but rather replace them, often and whenever needed. ( i have never been to a restaurant that replaces all water glasses midway through the meal--only thing missing was a lemon slice!)
Food was top notch. Everyone enjoyed their meal, steaks were perfectly cooked and served sizzling hot. The Italian entrees were also very good. Decor is very pleasant, old school ambiance perfect for the food served. Free valet parking right in front is a huge plus. Refreshing to see the manager walking the floor, actually caring about what is going on. Overall a very pleasant and enjoyablle meal.

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  1. Glad to hear you had such a great experience! I have dined at Mr. John's once, and I thought the food and everything was great. Two of my friends used to work there (and loved it), and a friend with whom I dined that night knew the manager pretty well. He went around the dining room that night as well and was very kind. I think the place is in good hands, and it deserves more press!

    1. Sounds great. Considering some of the other steakhouses in NOLA, it sounds excellent. You might want to post a link, should they have a Web site, or do the "Link to place," for others.

      Thanks for the review,


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        Thanks for the update. We haven't been since before The Thing (when we highly enjoyed it). We'll have to go back.