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Jan 19, 2008 09:35 AM

Help! Any good places to buy nova smoked salmon, potato knishes, fresh sushi grade seafood near Bethlehem, PA?

I just moved to Bethlehem, PA from NJ and cannot find a good Jewish deli that sells smoked salmon or potato knishes. Does anyone know of any around this area? Also- I am looking for a good place to purchase fresh seafood and and sushi-grade seafood (particularly tuna). All suggestions are welcome! Thank you!

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  1. The Allentown Wegman's on Tilghman St. has all of the above (although I can't vouch for the knishes, since I've never had them). They have a separate appetizing case next to the deli counter. All the fish I have ever gotten there has been very good. I've never been to the Bethlehem Wegman's, so I don't know about that one.

    1. Both Farmers markets have seafood mongers (Allentown & Quakertown). I know that sushi grade tuna is carried in Quakertown, I'm not sure about Allentown, but it's only $11 lb in Qtown, and can be ordered ahead of time. :)

      They have Tuna all the time, but others upon occasion. The wegmans closer to Warrington that I frequent I see at $24.95 for Tuna.

      I'm suffering a great lack of whitefish salad myself in farm country here, wish I could help you out on the Jewish Deli.