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Jul 25, 2001 12:56 PM

Guys night out place

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Looking for a place for about eight guys to enjoy a good meal and some good cocktails with the appropriate atmosphere.

Usually, a prerequisite for us is that the place makes a good steak, and a dry martini. In the past, we've done Morton's, the Palm, Nick & Stef's, and Musso's. Looking to try someplace else this time.

I haven't seen any postings on the board for Voda in Santa Monica, but I've heard they have a good bar. Another place I've never seen mentioned here is the Dal Rae in Pico Rivera, a true old traditional steak house. Unfortunately it lost some of its old "good fellas" appeal when they remodeled the place some years back.

Driving isn't an issue since we'll rent a limo for the night.

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  1. Try Taylor's Steak House. They make a great martini, and manhattans as well. They're on 8th st. in Koreatown. Also, they have a private bar upstairs that seats eight very comfortably. You might want to reserve that for a good round of drinks before dinner, since you'll have a limo and driving's not a problem. Also, upstairs is a little more private.
    The place is a bit more midwestern than goodfellows but the culotte steak is great. If you go, or wherever you go, please post a followup.

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      Taylor's is my favorite. Very understated classic place where the martinis and steak are straight up good. I don't know about 'midwestern' but I spotted Matt Dillon feeding there with friends last week. Don't expect a scene, though, this isn't Spago.

      1. re: Brian R

        Another vote for Taylor's here, for guy's night out. I love this place. Great bar, great atmosphere, great waitresses who have been there forever... be sure to get the blue cheese salad named after a waitress, (I think it is the Lucy Salad, but I may be wrong) it is as classic an old steakhouse salad as you could ask for. I love the steaks; a friend of mine had Prime Rib there the last time I went and it too was an excellent piece of meat.

        The Pacific Dining Car would also be a good GNO choice, but it is much more expensive. I am going to Carlito Gardel's tomorrow night for the first time. If it trump's Taylor's, I will let you know.

    2. You mentioned steak and atmoshpere, which makes me think Carlitos Gardel. Perhaps not exactly what you're looking for - it's not a martini place, fer shure - but the steaks...mmmmm....and the atmosphere is neatly "old world" and sophisticated. Reservations definetely required.

      1. There's Pacific Dining Car, downtown and one in Santa Monica. Serious steak guy place but, hey, I liked it too.