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Guys night out place

More of Everything Jul 25, 2001 12:56 PM

Looking for a place for about eight guys to enjoy a good meal and some good cocktails with the appropriate atmosphere.

Usually, a prerequisite for us is that the place makes a good steak, and a dry martini. In the past, we've done Morton's, the Palm, Nick & Stef's, and Musso's. Looking to try someplace else this time.

I haven't seen any postings on the board for Voda in Santa Monica, but I've heard they have a good bar. Another place I've never seen mentioned here is the Dal Rae in Pico Rivera, a true old traditional steak house. Unfortunately it lost some of its old "good fellas" appeal when they remodeled the place some years back.

Driving isn't an issue since we'll rent a limo for the night.

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  1. j
    jerome RE: More of Everything Jul 25, 2001 04:40 PM

    Try Taylor's Steak House. They make a great martini, and manhattans as well. They're on 8th st. in Koreatown. Also, they have a private bar upstairs that seats eight very comfortably. You might want to reserve that for a good round of drinks before dinner, since you'll have a limo and driving's not a problem. Also, upstairs is a little more private.
    The place is a bit more midwestern than goodfellows but the culotte steak is great. If you go, or wherever you go, please post a followup.

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    1. re: jerome
      Brian R RE: jerome Jul 26, 2001 04:49 PM

      Taylor's is my favorite. Very understated classic place where the martinis and steak are straight up good. I don't know about 'midwestern' but I spotted Matt Dillon feeding there with friends last week. Don't expect a scene, though, this isn't Spago.

      1. re: Brian R
        Tom P RE: Brian R Jul 27, 2001 04:37 PM

        Another vote for Taylor's here, for guy's night out. I love this place. Great bar, great atmosphere, great waitresses who have been there forever... be sure to get the blue cheese salad named after a waitress, (I think it is the Lucy Salad, but I may be wrong) it is as classic an old steakhouse salad as you could ask for. I love the steaks; a friend of mine had Prime Rib there the last time I went and it too was an excellent piece of meat.

        The Pacific Dining Car would also be a good GNO choice, but it is much more expensive. I am going to Carlito Gardel's tomorrow night for the first time. If it trump's Taylor's, I will let you know.

    2. l
      Lisa Bee RE: More of Everything Jul 26, 2001 02:15 AM

      You mentioned steak and atmoshpere, which makes me think Carlitos Gardel. Perhaps not exactly what you're looking for - it's not a martini place, fer shure - but the steaks...mmmmm....and the atmosphere is neatly "old world" and sophisticated. Reservations definetely required.

      1. a
        Andrea RE: More of Everything Jul 27, 2001 12:49 AM

        There's Pacific Dining Car, downtown and one in Santa Monica. Serious steak guy place but, hey, I liked it too.

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