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Jan 19, 2008 08:45 AM

Madrid: street food, meals under 10 euro

I will be staying at Cervantes 34 in Madrid and I've never been to the city before. I'm looking for recommendations in the area I'm staying and beyond for inexpensive, but tasty and fresh eats. Grocery stores are good too. I prefer non-touristy, but since the area itself is touristy that may be difficult. Thanks--I love street food!

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  1. If street food meaning buying something and eating it on the go: there are branches of Museo de Jamon where you can buy sandwiches and host of things, Maoz falafels that are very good, tons of bakeries that have empanadas and tortas, "to go" sandwich places all over the city. You won't have any problem running into them. Your neighborhood is somewhat touristy but there are plenty locals around. Couple days earlier, I posted a lists of tapa places, etc, on your neighborhood. Scroll down this message board. The title of the post is: "Madrid: apartment between Atocha and Anton Martin". One can eat nicely and easily for under 10E. Please don't confine yourself to this neighborhood. Madrid is a great walking city, easily navigated and very lively and you're very centrally located. Hope that helps.

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      Thanks for your response. That's just what I was looking for. In addition to food such as sandwiches and falafal, could you recommend some cheap sit down places? We will certainly not confine ourselves to our neighborhood--we are only limited to places we can reach by public transportation. Thanks again.

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        Henrietta--aside from roasted chestnuts, corn and barquillos (little waffle cone like treats)--there's really no such thing as street food in Madrid. Oh, and maybe one other: calamares sandwiches from the little take-outs around the Plaza Mayor. Otherwise, there are tons of little bars and restaurants that fill this need. Look back at some of the threads on tapas and you'll see what you are looking for. A lot of places will give you a free tapa with a caña (little glass of beer) or other drink, a good way to graze cheaply.

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          Thanks for your reply Butterfly. My husband drinks wine and beer, but alcohol does not agree with me. Is there an acceptable alternative to ordering an alcoholic drink in the places that give you a free tapa?

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            Ordering a soft drink, juice or mineral water is always acceptable. And your 10 euro limit will give you lots of options for lunch for a full sit-down meal. You may have to look down the little side streets instead of the main shopping streets. The restaurant "menu del dia" is made for people who are working and need to go out for food. A sandwich is not an acceptable lunch here; you need to sit down to a decent meal. And you'll get a very good meal for your money. You're going to love it here!

            1. re: kathinmadrid

              Thanks kathinmadrid. I am thrilled to be visiting your city to eat the tasty food and see the lovely art!