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Jan 19, 2008 08:27 AM

Thai in West LA

Hello.... We will be in West LA Sunday night... any great Thai in the area of West LA?

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  1. These are the best that we have found. None as good as what you will find in Thai Town in Hollywood or out in North Hollywood.

    Thai Boom
    10863 Venice Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90034
    (310) 842-8291

    Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant
    8875 W Pico Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90035
    (310) 860-1872

    Siam Chan
    (310) 444-4981
    1611 Colby Ave
    West Los Angeles
    CA 90025

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    1. re: Servorg

      Thai on the westside, like chinese and indian, is surprisingly low in quality and choices. You sure you don't want sushi, or frozen yogurt, or a steak? :)

      Thai Boom - Highly overrated; small and very pleasant service, but nothing special

      Nataly Thai - Neighborhood reliable; not authentic per se; good; NY-style ambiance, though not NY-style service

      Tuk Tuk - Was probably our number one for flavor; until recently, when we had a non-food huge issue with them

      Not familiar with Siam Chan and will check it out immediately. Servorg - Any further info on what to order or what you like about that one please?

        1. re: gadflier

          re: thai boom
          i'm definitely a fan of their salads, their prik pao, and their prik king.
          not so much a fan of their noodle dishes.
          i LOVE the people who work there--i am always warmly greeted and always receive terrific service.

          my nephew, after living in thailand for almost a year, thought highly enough of their food that if he wasn't able to go to thai town, he'd end up at thai boom. i have to admit though, that he ate completely different dishes than i. he is very much the carnivore, and i'm a pescatarian.

      1. Silk Thai on Santa Monica Blvd just west of Wilshire in Bev Hills.

        Very good. Nice atmosphere, small place with great service but still the good prices Thai food lovers are accustomed too. Don't be skeptical because of its locale. I was skeptical when my parents took me there after they had been going there for a long time. But I was pleasantly surprised.

        Check their website though -- I sort of recall they are closed on Sundays... I think they do mostly a weekday / office lunchtime business.

        I liked it so much that I might suggest it for my birthday dinner next week -- rather than trotting the folks out to somewhere new, it's just easier to suggest a place I know they like. Know what I mean?

        1. I will also come to the support of Thai Boom. Warm greetings and attentive service -- makes you happy to patronize them. They aren't afraid of heat when asked -- they put extra Thai peppers and hot oil into my yellow curry once that had me happily sweating! Satay is properly grilled and beautifully presented, their special shrimp in a dry red curry butter sauce is delicious. Avoid the beef, but they do a good job with eggplant. I think they are head and shoulders above any other Thai on the westside.

          Siam Chan is just south of Santa Monica Blvd. behind the 20/20 Video store, a few blocks east of Barrington. Closed on Sunday, a few tables with linoleum tops for eating in, they seem to do most of their business with takeout and delivery. Very inexpensive. Avoid the Pad Thai (weird, orange, gloppy) and their BBQ (scrawny, bony, gristly). They do a good mee krob, a nice stuffed chicken wings, good curries, and I like their spicy wide noodles. I've also enjoyed their spicy salad. Most people I've seen eating in seem to be ordering soups in those Thai serving dishes with a flame in the middle to keep things warm.

          A quick kudo for Thai House, my favorite inexpensive restaurant in Westwood Village. Located across from the Whole Foods on Gayley, it is far more civilized than most eateries nearby, or other Thai places -- carpeted, real glassware, tablecloths, quiet, with good service. No more expensive than the alternatives, with most nonseafood entrees under $10 and many lunch combos for about $7.95.

          1. Cool Basil in Bev Hills. On Linden, just off Wilshire. Very small with a few indoor/outdoor tables, situated in a parking lot. Love the noodle dish with Chicken, basil, chilis.

            1. Melanee Thai on Pico is really solid. I dig it a ton.