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Jan 19, 2008 08:05 AM

Lunch near Stratford, CT?

I do not know anything about the area, but I live in Great Neck, NY and want to meet a friend who lives in East Lyme, CT - we figured we would meet part way for lunch. I have no idea what kind of food she likes. Can anyone recommend a nice lunch place in the Stratford area, which I figure is about half-way? Thanks, Alice

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  1. Meet in downtown Milford instead - it's very cute. Go to either Bistro Basque and/or Cafe Atlantique next door, which is a creperie with wine and espressos.

    This part of Milford is a cute little place to walk around and explore for an afternoon outing.

    Or, meet in New Haven and you'll have lots of other dining options.

    1. In Stratford, Acapulco's is a good bet for Mexican. It's not authentic Mexican, but the food is excellent. Their Chile Rellenos are better than the ones I had when I was on vaca in Texas for 2 weeks. There's a cute and good Italian place, Stellas, across from Sikorsky right off the Merritt... and that's really about it. And I live here.

      Milford's got a much better restaurant scene, sadly. Luckily it's only one town over.