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Jul 24, 2001 11:56 PM

Pollo Alla Brasas?? Closed??

  • k

I drove by Pollo alla Brasas on Western today dreaming of a little carryout, and it was closed. I've been out of town for a few months -- did Pollo ALla Brasas go out of business???

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  1. I know the one on Colorado is still open.

    1. No,as with all small bizzeses (sorry snoop)it can be hit and miss with the smokey joy of the peruvian pollo on 8'TH

      1. l ate there less than two weeks ago and had no indication that business was closing, on the contrary.
        l'll admit that the chicken was not as flavorful as l remembered, but rather fatty and uninspiring.
        l tried thier chicken soup for the first time and liked everything about it, it is rather thick with rice and vegetables and has a wonderful flavor.

        1. If that location is closed, their second location in Gardena may still be open.

          1. I just saw a little place on Vine in Hollywood in a mini-mall with that name. Looks new. I was wondering if perhaps they are related?