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Jan 19, 2008 07:57 AM

SD Union-Tribune food writer gone [moved from California board]

Apparently, the Union-Tribune's food writer and restaurant critic, Maria C. Hunt, is gone. The U-T published a story by her in last Thursday's Night & Day section on the new Fresh & Easy Market in Chula Vista. At the end it said Maria C. Hunt is the former restaurant critic for the paper. She had been there for four years. Also gone is the architecture critic, as well as some 15 to 20 other features writers and staff according to an report (not confirmed by the U-T) that was posted in another forum I read.

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  1. Yes, the food editor is also gone - they had a huge housecleaning and offered a buyout to many of their staff to retire early. I guess it's because the paper is suffering in terms of sales. They're talking about how the internet is the future, but I don't know who they think is going to write their online content.

    I guess we'll all be reading the LA or NY Times soon!

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    1. re: Alice Q

      we're already reading the LA and NYT! :-)

      1. re: daantaat

        Same here, haven't subscribed to the U-T for years, although I do read it online now and then. Usually I can scan it for items of interest in, maybe, 3-4 minutes.

        1. re: JeffSD

          ...and those items were usually printed in the LAT the day before...

          I used to get both, but so often the UT was an entire day behind on so many articles. You would never think we lived in the 7th largest City in the Nation.

          The other day I picked up the business section- it was 4 pages. No joke. Not a Saturday.

      2. re: Alice Q

        they are trying to cut costs in order to be more profitable. there has been a fair amount of reporting in a number of places regarding the Copley Press' efforts to sell off assets. in the Copley Press case, it seems to be related to estate tax issues.
        there is a current and related issue though regarding the LA Times firing their chief editor...

      3. The Union-Tribune is the amazing shrinking newspaper. Think how many trees are saved!

        1. She revealed herself in a picture for a most eligible bachlor story.

          I do think that UTs Mexico coverage is probably among the best in the country.

          1. The U-T is a weak paper and their editorials are normally extremely biased right wing hit pieces while their "news" tends to be AP articles off of the wire. They're not offering anything of local interest now either. Why would anyone bother buying their over priced paper?

            1. Is anyone out there watching "The Wire"? It's focusing on the newspapers and how they're being encouraged to "do more with less". Sounds a lot like what's happening here.

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                I wish I could get The Wire, but can't afford HBO in addition to Showtime. I see reruns on BET and it's perhaps the best show ever on TV. Since the creators of the show are former reporters for The Baltimore Sun, this season, sadly the last, looks very compelling.

                As for the UT, it sounds exactly like what most people predicted when its new publisher took over.