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Jan 19, 2008 07:48 AM

Fresh Mexican (not a hole) in Bergen County?

I am looking for a Mexican eat-in restaurant that makes fresh tortillas somewhere in Bergen County area. Not a hole or roach coach and preferably a sit down dinner place with a liquor license. Something along the lines of Jalapeno's in Glen Rock (excellent). Not a big fan of Blue Moon in Englewood or the chains. Any ideas?

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  1. have always been a big fan of pancho's burrito's in new milford, just over the oradell border on new milford ave. have also enjoyed loco mexican cafe (byob) in allendale.

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      Thanks for the referal on Pancho's Burritos. I would have never found it without your referal. They were good that I could modify my order to make it healthy. I will also make sure to try Loco Mexican Cafe soon. Thanks for the tip :)

    2. We go to a great restaurant in Paterson- it's called Hacienda. Do not be put off because it is in Paterson. It is on Rt 20 which borders Fair Lawn. The prices are very reasonable, it is very authentic Mexican, and have a liquor license. On the weekends they even have strolling Mariachi's playing!

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        Thank you for the tip on Hacienda. We went on Saturday and it was very good. Thanks for telling me not to be put off because it is in Paterson because that was very helpful. They were super busy and we waited for a while but it was well worth it. The food was awesome and the drinks were very reasonable and we plan to go back again soon. Thanks again :)

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          The best mexican restaurant in the Bergen area, by far, is just over the northern border in Suffern. Dona Maria is on LaFayette, the main drag through town. There is another mex. place across the street, ironically also called Hacienda, which I've always liked. 'Dona' beats it hands down. The owner is friendly, the service is well executed and the food is delicious. Chips are homemade. The 'salsa' is more like a gravy and very good. Try the tortilla soup, the roasted vegetable salad, the squash blossom quesadillas. The mole is excellent. This is not a 'gloppy-plate' type of place. Full bar as well. Mexican food is my favorite, and this is as good as it gets in this area.