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Jan 19, 2008 07:30 AM

Help me find these mints!!!

My neighbor and I both grew up in New England....Mass for me and NH for her. We remember these mints that came in pastel colors and had a pretty flower in the center. I'm not sure if they were a local or national thing. Does anyone remember these? And does anyone know where I can find them?

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  1. Were the mints pretty flower shaped or decorated with a flower?

    There is a thing called Party Mints. They were all different pastel colours and came in a rosette shape. They were made of something like white choclate, but flavoured with mint. They are soft, and bite like chocolate. Could not easily find a picture of them. Don't know if that is what you were referring to.

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      My grandma makes something similar to that for family weddings. All they are is cream cheese mixed with powdered sugar until it gets a clay-like consistency, flavored, then molded. Loooooooooove them. I'm craving them right now lol

    2. No flowers, but here are pastel colored mints from Vermont Country Store. If you search around the site, you'll find a different brand of colored mints as well--but still no flowers.

      1. rizzo: I can taste what you're describing! They were so good. I've just spent way too much time Googling for butter mints, decorated mints, tea party mints -- to little avail. There are plenty of places to buy decorated sugar cubes, so maybe an E-mail to one of those companies might get you a lead. I can still see a rosebud or a violet with a tiny green leaf... has some 21st century ones for weddings. Take a look.

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          Yes!! Those are what I am looking for...except not at $85/lb. Someone made a commercial version of those.

          Thanks for the googling :) I've been doing it all day as well.

        2. Are you talking about Russell Stover Rosebud mints? They came in a box in pastel colors and each one had a little rosebud on the top. I thought these had been discontinued years ago but the FAQ on the website says they can be special ordered from retail locations.

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            That has got to be them!! Thank you. The closest one to me is Kittery, ME so I'll have to place an order and make a day trip.

          2. Hello Everyone! I was so excited to see all these posts about Rosebud Mints. I loved these little mints growing up...they were my favorite candy of all time!! I've been trying to find them for years but a few years ago I realized they were discontinued. I actually placed a call to Russell Stover yesterday and asked if they would specially make them for me. I spoke to a very nice woman from customer service and she said they don't make them anymore. I asked her if she could pass along my suggestion of bringing them back. She said she would defiantly pass along my suggestion and she mentioned I was not the first person who has called about these mints. So I was thinking if enough of us call Russell Stover, maybe we can get them to bring back the mints!! The number I called is 1-800-477-8683 . Let's all help to get these mints back on the shelves!!!!

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              I just emailed...I loved those things.

              1. re: rizzo0904

                This candy company makes little rosebud mints:


                They're listed under weddings/events

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                  Hi there,
                  I looked on the site and I didn't find anything that looked like minature Rosebud Mints. Do you know what their listed as??


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                Putting on makeup and the Russell Stover Rosebud Mints came to me. My little sister and I absolutely loved them. We received them for our birthdays and at Christmas. We were so disappointed when we couldn't find them anymore. I will definitely call Russell Stover today. Thanks for the info.

                1. re: brooke1056

                  I try to call every few years or so. I'm going to start doing it every year on my birthday so I don't forget. I love sweets, but these are my favorite candy ever......! <3
                  Let's call every year until they are back.