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Jan 19, 2008 07:28 AM

Best Chicago Style Deep Dish in Houston

Where can I find the best deep dish pizza in Houston?

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  1. There have been some discussions of that here on this board in the last few months so they'll be pretty fresh. Star Pizza and Baby Leita's were two places that were mentioned as I recall. I haven't had it at either place so I can't make a recommendation.

    Try the Search this Board feature at the top. Many Houston hounds only read this board spradically and you may have to wait days for a response otherwise.

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      Baby Leita's was great, but it is closed.

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        That was quick.

        I just read today there's a new place called Chicago Pizza at 4721 N. Main; that should be right up the street from Spanish Flowers. I presume they'll serve deep dish.

        On Airline @ Cavalcade is that Chicago Italian Beef place; I never have gotten up there yet and I don't know if they do pizza or just sandwiches. The reviews on b4-u-eat only mention sandwiches (with an astonishing number of people going to Chicago Italian Beef to get Philly Cheesesteaks - go figure).

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          I saw Chicago Pizza when I drove past it late last week. Its at the street end of a strip center. Definitely worth a try. I cant imagine that someone would give a place a name like that and NOT serve the deep-dish style 'za.

    2. There's a chain<shudder> here in Houston called BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse. They make a pretty good deep dish pizza along with a couple of good beers(stout and pale ale). The rest of their food is decent also. As a bonus, no smoking is allowed in any of their restaurants.

      1. I checked out the Chicago Pizza place on Airline today. They are not yet serving deep dish. The lady said they had just gotten the pans in and only one of the kitchen staff has ever made one so they need to all learn. She said the owner hopes to have the deep dish on the menu by later this week.


        I want to try this since I missed Baby Leita's but I think I'll wait a couple of weeks to let them get some experience. She didn't know how long it would take but I understand if it's authentic it should take 45 mins to an hour to prepare.

        I went up to the Chicago Italian Beef place on Airline at Cavalcade and had a Chicago Italian Beef sandwich. Very good. They use Vienna Beef products apparently, judging by the placards displayed. The sandwich for $5.95 comes with a large side of skin-on, unfortunately grease-laden, limp fries. It has sweet bell peppers on it and you can add the hot giardinera for yourself from a small condiments bar. There are 2 varieties, a vinegary one with larger chunks of veggies including cauliflower and a hot one with mostly peppers and carrots from what I saw. They ask if you want the sandwich dipped in au jus or the au jus on the side; if you get the latter you get almost a cup of au jus, way more than enough.