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Jan 19, 2008 06:36 AM

Review: India's Flavor, Glendale/Montrose

Not feeling like braving L.A. traffic and the parking competition at Makkah Halal, we tried India's Flavor for dinner last night. Only two of us, so couldn't sample a wide variety of offerings, so we went with three favorites: samosas, chicken saag, and dal tarka.

We chose the meat samosas, which are filled with a combo of lamb and chicken, and these were delish! Nicely spiced, and their chunky version of mint chutney went quite well with the meat filling. I don't see these offered at too many other restaurants, and I will be dreaming about them for days :)

The chicken saag was equally good - big chunks of chicken with creamy, flavorful spinach. Spicy, but complexly so - not just the "you asked for spicy, so we threw in a bunch of chile" variety. The dal, while not bad at all, was a bit on the bland side. However, I liked that it was thicker than most, and that it didn't migrate all over my plate!

When the owner took our order, he asked how spicy we wanted it. We asked for medium-spicy. After our food arrived, he came back to check that we were satisfied with the heat level, and when I commented that next time we might go for full-spicy, he brought out some chili sauce for us to try. Quite honestly, the food was good enough without it, but I was impressed by his attention nonetheless.

Overall a good experience - will definitely go back. Still doesn't compare to my beloved Makkah, but far better than any of the Pasadena offerings, easy to get to, and easy to park.

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  1. Where is this place? I live on Verdugo rd in it near La Cabanita?
    Do you think it is ok for a solo diner, and do they have beer?

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    1. re: tatertotsrock

      Not sure about beer - not a beer drinker myself. But didn't notice anybody drinking, so I tend to think maybe not.

      Pretty close to La Cabanita - from the 134, I passed LC on the left, then a few blocks later made a right on Verdugo, and there it was - if that gives you an idea of the place.

      I'd totally go there as a solo diner. It's really small, only maybe a half-dozen tables, so might be best in the off-hours - you'd probably get a 4-top all to yourself.

      India's Flavor
      3303 N Verdugo Rd, Glendale, CA 91208

      1. re: garvanza girl

        I can't wait to try it out!
        I'll let you know what I think!

    2. Used to frequent this place a few years back when it was changing hands every 6 months or so. The cooks, however, a married couple, stayed on board throughout. They used to do a carrot/yam kofta in a minty malai sauce. It was stellar. When the Sikh dude and his fams took over, they changed the dish to mimick the version served at every joint from HK to London. Shame. When I asked for it special, they would often try and desuade me, but ultimately acquiesced. Hmm... did the old one cost too much to produce? The new one has less saffron.

      1. went yesterday with a girlfriend for late lunch (ie, not buffet), and quite loved it. she got the vegetarian thali and loved everything, and I opted for a simple chicken curry, made spicy. garvanza girl's right--it's a nicely complex spicy, and charmingly, not the kind that haunts you the next day. (if you know what I mean.) :)

        I got some of their roohafza to drink--it's kind of like rosewater Quik, and I mean that in the best possible way. I burped roses all afternoon!

        I'm going back, soon. glad to have such a charming little place with such good food so close to me in Eagle Rock...

        (btw, this place gets lots of props from British expats over on Yelp, and there's noone so hard to please for Indian food as a Brit.)

        1. There are a few dishes that are stellar - Malai Kofta, Bhindi (okra), paneer in tomato sauce can't think of the name). I've tried the sag paneer and the coconut curry vegetables and they both left something to be desired. But the paratha is particularly good; and so is the garlic naan.

          It's worth a shot, and the owners are very nice.

          I've only tried veg but the meat dishes look good, too.