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Jan 19, 2008 05:40 AM

frozen custard, filipino food, pork belly, vodka/caviar bar and water ice - all needed in Orlando

can anyone help find any of the following in or around Orlando:

1. fresh or frozen pork belly - most markets i've called don't carry it.

2. any restaurant that cooks/prepares pork belly

3. filipino restaurant and filipino market

4. water ice - looking for the kind you'd find in Philly along with pretzels. had a great one on Edgewater Dr, but i think they closed up.

5. caviar and vodka bar - complete with blinis and creme fraiche. if none exist, please let me know where i can go to buy these items.

6. frozen custard - similar to gelato, but still very distinctly different

any suggestions is greatly appreciated!! happy hounding!

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  1. There used to be a a Wooter Ice vender around the corner from Cairo and Tijuana Flats near Wall Street in Downtown, I don't know if its still open since I don't work in Orlando any more. If you are down in Tampa Bay or up in St. Aug or Jacksonville, Rita's has opened up in Florida now. The only ones open all winter long that I know of are in Clearwater area though, I get my fix about once a month a least.

    1. jeremiah's italian ice - there is one at 17/92 and horatio

      1. Try Mel's for frozen custard. It's in the Positano shopping center on the Ocoee/Orlando border, just east of the West Oaks mall on West Colonial.