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What's good in Puerto Vallarta?

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Leaving for PV in a week for a week. Loved Vista Vallarta in past visits (is it still there? Used to be Senior Cheecos then got a major facelift.) Will try Barcelonas Tapas and of course La Palapa (especially for breakfast, but one dinner on the beach was excellent as well). Looking for outdoor dining, views, good food and drink. Gracias

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  1. If you are referring to Vista Grill it's still there.
    Obviuosly personal list of almost always good restaurants:Archie's Wok, Barcelona Tapas, Bruce's Back Door, Rincon de Buenos Aires, Cafe des Artistes, Cuetos, Encanto, Kaiser Maximilian, La Palapa, Daiquiri Dick's, De Santos, Hacienda San Angel, Nikki Beach, Spiaggia, Trio, Vista Grill, and Z tai.
    Unfortunately outdoor dining is a little uncomfortable this year because of unusually cool (cold) temperatures, bring warm clothes.

    1. El Arrayan is a great favorite. No view, but open air patio and wonderful regional specialities.

      1. I second El Arrayan - a group of us ate there last night and loved it - the duck, the shrimp, the steak, the pork, the crickets, it was all good.

        1. forget barcelona, try esquina de ls caprichos
          agave grill is great
          el arrayan our favorite
          daquiri dicks
          kaiser maximillian
          boca bento

          1. I agree re: El Arrayan and Caprichos (much better than Barcelona Tapas).
            I would also like to recommend Cafe Candela at Guerrero #311 in el centro,
            just about half a block up from Trio. Very casual atmosphere, but a place
            you can end up hanging out for hours. Has a wood burning pizza oven and
            when I was there last week I had a flor de calabaza pizza (squash blossoms),
            and a salad of greens, beets, and blue cheese. nice outdoor area.

            1. My wife and daughter spent this week in PV and shared their daily food report with me. Having full faith in my wife's palate, I'll pass along the details secondhand.

              They had a pretty good week. El Arayan was great as usual, especially the apps, and they went there twice. Esquina de los Caprichos, they say, was spectacularly good for tapas. I took this as high praise since it's only been a few weeks before we had an amazing price fixe at the Spanish restaurant degustation in the East Village.

              She also loved Casa Naranjo quite a bit. Place was empty though. Word was that everyone's been real slow this year since February.

              Rio Grande she didn't like so much.

              The best food experience was the tamales at Maria Candelaria. She was practically moaning over the phone describing them. My wife is ready to learn (more) Spanish and sign up as an intern. Poor thing. She went there on Thursday. She was so smitten that she walked for two hours on Friday to eat there again only to find it closed for Good Friday and the rest of the Easter weekend.