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Jan 19, 2008 04:42 AM

Flavoured Limes

Just bought flavoured limes (that's how they were labelled in the shop), having never heard of them before. They look sort of like regular limes except the skin is somewhat bumpier and these particular ones have one face lightly blushed with orange (sorry, haven't figured out how to use the new digi camera, still finding myself resistant to technology :)
I just cut one open: tangerine orange on the inside, much softer than regular limes so very easy to squeeze. Lotsa tangerine-coloured juice.
Definitely tastes like a lime... but a mild one. No discernable tangerine flavour.
So here's my question: are these a lime-tangerine hybrid? Or some less popular lime variety? My google searches haven't been fruitful :)

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  1. Ahhhhh.. marketing ... I always thought lime was a flavor....

    1. I used to grow a Rangpur lime that fits your flavor-color description. They're very aromatic with orange (colored) juice. Used them mainly in gin & tonics but they also make a perfumed curd that is delicious piled into a nut crust for dessert.

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        It's most likely a hybrid citrus fruit (that's been horribly mis-marketed). Limes are among the more difficult citruses to grow (can't stand cold temps), so they're often crossed with heartier strains. I have a "limequat" tree in a pot on my patio. It bears small, kumquat-sized limes. They taste nothing like kumquats, and they're much drier than normal limes.

        In any case, if it's a good combo, buy more!