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Jul 24, 2001 10:02 AM

Current LA Bagels

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From a post on LAEats on Usenet, someone brought up the inevitable local bagels suck as compared to NY.
As someone who's aunt and uncle had a Brooklyn bagel store, and wishes Noah's went out of business on Day 1, where do you get your bagels?

I get plain and bialys from the Breadman (Dick) on Sundays at the Ocean Park Farmers Market.

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  1. The Bagel Store on Sepulveda and National, in the Vons/Savon shopping center. They also have nice but expensive Challah on Fridays and nice soups. All Kosher.

    1. I think the best bagels in LA are from Brooklyn Bagel on Beverly near Alvarado. Their poppy seed /salt bagel is my favorite.

      1. Unless I am mistaken, The Breadman gets his bagels (as I do and I see his truck there)at The Bagel Broker, Beverly and Fairfax across from CBS TV City on the Beverly side.

        1. brooklyn bagels is pretty good. but I used to get them hot at a place on fairfax that went out of business. there is nothing as good as a warm bagel out of the oven. anyone have a source for that. fresh warm donuts are pretty good too.

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            Last time I was at Brooklyn Bagel, they were fresh and hot right out of the oven, at mid-day. I believe they bake pretty much around the clock, so your chance of getting 'em as you like 'em is pretty good.

          2. Only one place for bagels, La Brea Bagel Co., 7300 block of Beverly (between Fairfax & La Brea). They're closed on Saturday.