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Galco's Soda Pop Stop?

creamfinger Jan 19, 2008 01:57 AM

For several years now I've seen Galco's Soda Pop Stop recommended on this board as the best place to go in LA for soda. I was finally planning a trip over there this weekend and decided to browse their website so I could make a list of items to look for. I was disappointed to discover that nearly half of the items on the website were listed as "out of stock". Now I'm thinking I shouldn't waste my time. Galco's isn't exactly close by. I'd hate to drive for an hour just to discover barren shelves. Has anyone been there recently? I want to go, and I hope the website just hasn't been updated. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    rachaeln RE: creamfinger Jan 19, 2008 05:30 AM

    My solution has been to call...they might just have such limited quantities, or just havent updated the site...then again, I go for the CheerWine, and recently found it in Bristol Farms...

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      Velvet Elvis RE: rachaeln Jan 19, 2008 10:52 AM

      Do they keep CheerWine in stock on a regular basis? Supposedly BevMo can't get it for some reason and I would love to find a source for it.

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        Servorg RE: Velvet Elvis Jan 19, 2008 11:25 AM

        According to this web site Galco is exactly who carries it here in LA:


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          rachaeln RE: Velvet Elvis Jan 21, 2008 07:05 AM

          I got Cheerwine at the Beverly Hills Bristol Farm last week...I havent been back since, but would call and see if that is all you would be going to Galco for...but personally, I enjoy going to Galcos, and think its worth the trip...

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        BBQ101 RE: creamfinger Jan 19, 2008 06:53 AM

        It's not a great day trip destination unless you plan to visit other sites in the area. I was not impressed when I went and yes they have a good selection but I was expecting more...

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          annagranfors RE: BBQ101 Jan 21, 2008 06:36 AM

          yah, actually, if you do go to Galco's and it's around lunch or dinner, there are some wonderful small Mexican places all up and down York to complete your Highland Park experience. (just search Mexican, York, Highland Park--there's been plenty written.)

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          Diana RE: creamfinger Jan 19, 2008 08:42 AM

          I would say plan to hit up a chowish place for lunch and go! the website seems to me to not be totally accurate.

          They also have candy, wine, and beer that is difficult to find. Be aware, though, he overprices a lot of stuff. His prices for beer, particularly, are insane. Lots of the stuff you can find at Bevmo for cheaper, and the stuff you can't is not worth the $$

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          1. re: Diana
            JeetJet RE: Diana Jan 19, 2008 11:17 AM

            "hit up a chowish place for lunch" -- Great idea. Several very good places to buy food are very near to Galco's --

            Auntie Em’s Kitchen, and Eagle Rock Bakery


            My Taco
            6300 York Boulevard, Suite 4, Los Angeles

            At Galco's you must buy some Sioux City Root Beer and Sarsaparilla. IMO, if you have not tried this brand of Root Beer or Sarsaparilla then you have never had Root Beer and Sarsaparilla.

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            LisaN RE: creamfinger Jan 19, 2008 10:27 AM

            Galco's has a much bigger selection than Bevmo. The Bevmo closest to me only had about 8 different brands, and not even all the flavors. At Galco's there are shelves and shelves of different brands.

            I don't think they update the website that often. I drive 45 minutes to get there and every time have found at least a case of stuff to try. If there is somethign specific you want call to make sure they have it.

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              AquaW RE: creamfinger Jan 21, 2008 08:36 AM

              Unless you're jones-ing for a specific soda that may be out of stock, I would say make the trip to Galco's -- there are no empty shelves... and you'd probably find so many interesting new sodas to try that you wouldn't miss whatever that's out on their Web site.


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