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Jan 18, 2008 11:43 PM

Is the Keurig supposed to be THIS loud?

I just got a Keurig as a delayed Christmas present, and was pretty psyched about it until I plugged it in. My two year old son covered his ears and said "Loud, Mommy!" It's like having an air compressor for a nail gun inside my kitchen. I also have to hold the coffee cup in place or it literally rattles off the base. Did I just get a bum unit?

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  1. Ours is pretty loud. Air compressor would be exaggerating, but I'm constantly amazed at how loud it is. Shift it a little bit on the counter and see if it gets any better.

    The coffee cup should not rattle out of the base, though. I suppose it's possible this (and the noise, for that matter) reflects something about the design of your countertop, but you may have a bum unit if it's doing that. Might be worth calling them about it.

    1. The coffee gods are expressing their displeasure of this pod machine when he thinks you would be happier with real coffee!

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      1. re: chipman

        I agree with chipman. Keurig machines are by definition 'bum units'. I have one at work and it makes something that is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike coffee.

        However, it doesn't sound like you describe, nor does it vibrate enough to move the mug, so there may be something wrong with yours. Or it could be the coffee god(s) trying to move the mug out of the way so that you don't drink the 'coffee' that comes out of a Keurig.

        1. re: Buckethead

          Do the coffee gods have any recommendations for a non-coffee-drinker to actually enjoy coffee? I've tried all sorts of things. I don't even like the silly latte drinks that are mostly not coffee. The closest I came to straight coffee that I might have almost been able to drink was a cup brewed on a Clover machine.

          Anyway, apparently not everyone has the same refined taste buds. Our home coffee drinker (not me) is somewhat picky about which K-cups, but she does enjoy the machine with the right ones. You should see the two coffee drinkers at my office, though. They buy 3lb cans of Maxwell House! Not because it's cheap, because they *like* it. Anything more highbrow is lost on them.

          1. re: CrazyOne

            Drop $20 on a French Press, $50 on a Cuisinart Burr Grinder, $12 on a pound of locally-roasted beans, and never look back. You'll get the highest quality extraction possible from the beans, and you might find that you enjoy straight black coffee... Even if you don't, you'll have an excellent product in which to add the flavors you enjoy.

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      2. I just bought the new stainless steel one, and love it. Not loud at fact I just got rid of the Senseo which was really loud, plus I hated it! The stainless one is the latest model, so maybe they have made lots of improvements. I sure hope so, as the price has really gone up, but I figured that if it was what I wanted, I might as well pay the extra dollars, as I will be using it for a looooog time!

        1. Wow. I have to say there are a lot of interesting responses, some of which aren't exactly what I was looking for but everyone is totally entitled to their own opinion.

          As a follow up, I solved the rattling cup problem. I moved it to a different counter and it stopped. My counters are made of this cool looking, but totally uneven italian tile. The Keurig customer service rep suggested putting something underneath to dampen the noise, and it did help. So, apparently, I did not have a bum unit, just bad acoustics & apparently funky countertops.

          I really like my Keurig. I only drink one cup of coffee a day (and I'm the only one in the house that drinks coffee), so the convenience of the Keurig is fantastic. I have tried out several different K-cups and find that some are definitely better than others, generally the dark roasts are the best, though a few taste a little burnt. I do have that special filter that lets me use me use beans that I grind myself, but in the morning when I'm chasing my toddler around, I really don't want to bother. In my pre-baby life, I probably would have been more apt to search out the absolute best of the best, but now I am willing to pick out the best out of choices that also happen to be convenient for that first & only cup of coffee in the morning. That means not hassling with cleaning up my french press, not driving to Peet's every day, not driving up to LA to go to the coffeehouse with the Clover machine, and not flying to Japan for coffee out of a halogen-powered siphon bar....but maybe one day....

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          1. re: empfam

            Well that's good. I was just taking a guess at the counter thing, guess that wasn't too far off base. I keep wondering if there's something kinda soft-ish (but not too soft) that we could put under ours to dampen the noise a bit. It's not horrible though, and we've had it for probably going on 2 years now.

            Your scenario is the same as at our place; only one of us drinks the coffee. She likes the convenience in the morning, just get up and pop the cartridge in there, and the coffee is good enough for her. Me, I haven't found on that I like (as I noted above, sorry for the venture off your topic ;-) I don't know if you've actually tried the use your own ground coffee attachment, but IMO just gathered from watching the work involved it seems to be too much of a pain. Kinda messy and hard to clean, defeats the purpose of the Keurig. There's a new third-party gadget, though, if you're desperate for more coffee variety; it lets you use a coffee pod instead of a K-cup. Apparently it works pretty well, and there is a wider variety of different coffee available in these pods because they work with a lot of different brewing machines.

            We order our K-cups from; they seem to carry all of them at decent prices. Used to be Amazon was notably cheaper, but now they barely are and with far less selection (plus you have to buy 50 of each kind to get that price).

            1. re: CrazyOne

              Mine is loud. I take the cup off the base when it is refilling just to stop the rattling sound.

              For those who don't want to commit to a box of k-cups - there is a site called that let's you pick 5 flavors per box of 25 at an extra charge ( 14/box) which is great to let you try stuff. Fast shipping, but that's a little pricey too. I enjoyed doing it a few times to figure out what I like.

          2. We also have a Keurig and I agree that the noise is not something I want in our kitchen. I have sent several notes to Keurig and they just tell me to buy a higher end unit because they have a quieter mump with less vibration. I think that Keurig knows that there is a problem and they do not want to pay to fix it (spread the pain to us). We have cups with rubber on the bottom to keep our cups in place. If I am in the kitchen I wrap my hands around the unit to keep down the noise. It is a good thing that our guest bedroom is upstairs (yes they can probably hear it but hopefully it will not wake them up).

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            1. re: mastanga

              Did you try the OPs approach of putting something under it to dampen the sound? I noticed a huge difference even going from a crap formica countertop (where it was relatively quiet) to a solid surface (which is loud with the sliding problem).