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Jan 18, 2008 11:08 PM

Graffiti in Petaluma

I'm going to a second meal at Graffiti in a week's time, and I'd love to hear what locals and regulars think are their best dishes (this restaurant choice is locked in, can't go somewhere else). When I went last time, I had a decent but kind of mixed-up lunch, and very nice service: good whole-leaf Caesar with strong dressing, freshly shaved parmesan, and lovely white anchovies, along with a fried skewered coconut shrimp dish that had a mango-type salsa which seemed out of keeping with the rest of the place.

Their menu PDFs won't open in any of my browsers, adding to this quandary.

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  1. graffiti really is very 'cruise-ship' food. A nice place to take the family when they visit from Nebraska. Not too 'freak/moderne' for your cousins from Tuscon, AZ, and you can still find something on the menu you're willing to eat. Otherwise, avoid, avoid.

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      Did it go downhill after the orginal owners sold it to the Lagunitas Beer people? 18 Months ago it was solid mid level Cal-French food... they had some kind of pasta dish, with gorgonzola sauce & filet strips that I really liked for lunch... and had (what I thought) was a good selection, of local, cheap but decent, small winery screw top wines by the glass.

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        No, it's fine food. it's just one of those restaurants that spends more time thinking about the look and feel of the place than they spend thinking about the food that will hit your mouth. I would love to hear what others have had there.

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      101 2nd St Ste 190, Petaluma, CA 94952