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Jan 18, 2008 09:46 PM

Saudi Arabia cuisine

I actually lived in Saudi Arabia when I was a kid and haven't had it in 20 years. Are there any authentic restaurants in the LA area?
The item I remember the most is a dough that was flatten out like a pizza then minced lamb and herbs or banana and sugar was folded inside then I think baked-I was 5 so I exactly know. What is this called and is this available in the States or is there a recipe?

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    1. I really doubt you're going to find an authentic Saudi restaurant anywhere in the States, much less LA. I lived in the Gulf too and I miss the food. Your best bet might be to find a book that's a collection of recipes from Saudi and hope that your pizza thing is in there.

      1. Don't know about Saudi food but you might want to try something that sounds like its cousin: lahmajoun. It's Armenian (tho I think neighboring countries also have a similar thing).

        Partamian Bakery
        5410 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

        Sasoun Bakery
        625 E Colorado St, Glendale, CA

        1. Never been in that part of the world, but I do like the food from the eastern end of the Mediterreanan. You might like to explore the menu at Sham in Santa Monica. Their #28 Arise snadwich appears to be similar to what you described (there is a picture of it beneath #36 on the #29 platter). There is also a picture of their "Arabian Breakfast" if you scroll down far enough:

          Also, Magic Carpet on Pico has some dishes from various countries from around that area of the world:

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            In case anybody is interested, Sham in Santa Monica is now offering "ARABIAN PIZZA" - hit the special offers button:


          2. i would google saudi recipes and stop there as you're not going to find this cuisine in LA. these other restaurants are levantine (magic carpet= yemeni israeli)--- that's apples and oranges.