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Jan 18, 2008 09:26 PM

Visiting DC-it's been 15 years.

Hi. It's been 15 years since I've been to the DC area. I'm planning a trip in mid-March. Does anyone have recommendations on hotels? places to visit? places to eat? Thanks!!

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  1. Can you be more specific about where you want to eat? Is there a particular cuisine you are interested in? A style of food? How about a location? Will you be able to travel outside the district or away from metro stops? What is your price range? etc. The more info we have the more we will be able to help you.

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      I'm thinking of staying in Dupont circle area. I want a nice hotel, nothing too outragous in cost, like the low $200's. As for food, one night I want to splurge a bit for good food/nice atmosphere--Italian or fusion if possible. The other nights more casual, like $30/person range. Also looking for a wine bar for after dinner, but got some good recs from DCdoll. Thanks so much!!

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        While I haven't been, I've heard wonderful things about Obelisk. This can be your splurge spot and your Italian restauant. It's located on P St. in Dupont Circle.

        If you like seafood I highly recommend Hook in Georgetown. It's fairly new and one of the hottest tickets in town. The focus of Chef Seever is sustainable seafood. Their appetizer menu includes a variety of crudo which are fun and imaginative. The main menu has a simple preperation packed with flavor. Fun, vibrant environment and friendly service.

        Other places in the Dupont Circle area to consider are Tabard Inn (for both dinner or brunch), Hank's Oyster Bar (for a closer seafood restaurant with some non-seafood options), Hudson (good place for drinks and late-night dining), and if will be here Monday-Friday I highly recommend the local favorite, CF Folks for lunch.

        As DCDoll mentioned, Gallery Place/ Chinatown is a hot new area for restaurants. Almost all of the restaurants are new from the last time you were in town. In particular I like PS7, Poste, Proof, and Acadiana.

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          I second Obelisk for your splurge. The food is fantastic, the service has always been perfect and the prix fixe price of $65 per person seems like a bargain. Make reservations well in advance -- the space is small -- only about a dozen tables.

    2. WElcome back! the food scene has changed alot since you were last here for the better. As far as where to stay i recommend Dupont Circle. There are a bunch of Kimpton hotels there; boutique style digs that are way high on the cool scale. Hotel Rouge and Palomar have really great locations near alot of restaurants, metro, shopping etc. You can walk to the zoo and also to Cleveland Park (a great restaurant hood) from Dupont. Obelisk, a wonderful little northern italian restaurant, is in dupont and Palomar has a great wine bar, Urbana. Great places in Cleveland Park include Palena, Bardeo wine bar, Indique, Lavandou and Vace for great pizza carry out and the like. Dupont is a short metro or cab ride from all the major DC areas...Georgetown, Capitol Hill, the Mall, etc. Penn Quarter is another very cool hot new neighborhood which you could wander over to one day/eve but i would still say stay in dupont.

      1. For hotels in Dupont, they have 2 Kimptons, Hotel Madera and Hotel Palomar. My husband and I stayed at Madera for a weekend getaway (we live in Nova) and it was great. We got a awesome rate of $129. It is walking distance to Dupont Circle and very close to metro. We always love just walking around the area. Kramer Books is a favorite stop. For lunch, we love Circa. Great spot to have some wine and lite lunch or mid-day snack. On Sunday, don't forget about the Farmers browsing vendors. I also love Open City for brunch on Sunday or even to stop in for a drink on Saturday. If you are willing to take a cab, I would check out Hook in Georgetown for dinner. Fab new seafood restaurant...very hip and food and service were great when we went.

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          If you are staying in Dupont Circle you don't need to take a cab to Hook. There is a "Blue Bus" that for $1.50 will take you up and down M Street in Georgetown. It picks you up and drops you off right across the street from Olsson's Books (can't remember the name of the street) and it comes every 20 minutes or so. You need exact change but its certainly cheaper then a cab.

        2. I second the suggestion on checking out the kimpton hotels. My favorite is the Hotel Helix at Logan circle. It's a mod art place within walking distance to either Dupont or the hill. They have free champagne from 4-5 plus lots of unusual packages to accomodate your children, animals, sore feet or inability to parallel park.

          If it's been 15 years, you will probably like to walk around and see what remains the same and what's changed and looks good to you. Loagan circle is a good central location for all the places plus easy metro access.

          1. Thanks for all of the tips! For the hotel, i'm booking one of the Kimpton Hotels, either the Modera, Palomar or Topaz due to the location. Any thoughts on which to picK? Modera seems the least inexpensive, which helps. Thanks again!

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              Definitely the Palomar. The location is great, they have a lovely little happy hour every night in the lobby, and the rooms are just spectacular. Plus, you're a hop skip and a jump from Urbana, which has a great happy hour.

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                Kimpton Hotels have a cool vibe with stylish rooms Except for the Monaco they have few amenities except for full service food/bev. In Dupont Palomar (newest) has Urbana and Madera has Firefly. Palomar is bigger w/ more services than Madera or Topaz. My choice in Dupont(locationwise) would be Madera. If you are game to go few blocks east to Logan Circle The Helix (by Kimpton also) has a great bar scene - You will be suprised at how much Logan has changed (for the better) in 15 yrs.