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Jan 18, 2008 09:17 PM

Celebratory Lunch in Marin? with some caveats

So I need some help here.We want to take my mama and her partner out for their 25th anniversary. Here's where it gets tricky (and starts to resemble a logic puzzle), we need to do lunch rather than dinner, it has to be on Monday February 18th, and there is a big bike race on that day so Pelican Inn and Mountain Home Inn are out. The race goes out of Sausalito so I think we need to avoid that part of the county.

I haven't been to Buckeye, but that might be tasty. Dipsea would be okay, but I'd like something nicer. I haven't eaten at Guaymas in years so I don't know how the food is. Thoughts? I'd love to go to Picco, but they only do dinner. I don't like Left Bank very much. Caprice struck me as expensive, non-memorable food. We could do Comforts, but half of our party has to head back to the South Bay and the other half is following the bike race to Pt. Reyes. So... any recommendations for places in Mill Valley, Larkspur, or Tiburon?

I'm almost thinking that grabbing a picnic at Bi-Rite on our way to Marin might be the way to go...

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  1. Thing is, Feb may not be picnic weather. There's always Sam's in Tiburon, well away from the biking hubbub...Piazzo d'Angelo in downtown MV...Half Day in Kentfield...

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      For a celebratory lunch in southern or central Marin, I second Piazzo d'Angelo in downtown MV. That place always feels celebratory to me, and the food has been back to very good the last two times I've been there (last time was almost a year ago).

    2. Question: does it start in Sausalito which might impact access to Buckeye?
      Stage 1: Sausalito to Santa Rosa (Monday, February 18, 2008)
      (Start time: 11 a.m.) Starting on the northern side of the San Francisco Bay, Stage 1 will cover nearly 100 miles from Sausalito to Santa Rosa. The stage, sponsored by Herbalife, begins with a climb from Mill Valley up to Mt. Tamalpais State Park before turning toward Muir Beach. The relatively flat route will take the riders north toward Bodega Bay and Coleman Valley Road, a landmark climb in Northern California. Spectators can watch the stage win unfold as the field heads downhill from Occidental for three finishing circuit laps in downtown Santa Rosa. In previous years, the Santa Rosa fans have set the mark for one of the largest and most enthusiastic crowds of the entire race.