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Jan 18, 2008 09:14 PM

Best West/South Bay Bun Bo Hue?

At a business lunch 4 or 5 years ago I was treated to a bowl of bun bo hue at a restaurant that was said to have the best in the area. I remembered it as being on 4th Street in San Jose, but was unable to find it today so I settled for another place called Dakao Resaurant and was very satisfied with their bun bo hue. I am now hooked on this soup but have no idea which places have the best reputations for this dish. Can anyone suggest a mid-Peninsula place with good bun bo hue? If the best are further south I'd also be interested in those restaurant names for my occasional trips to SJ.

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  1. Bun Bo Hue An Nam w/ or w/o penis, your choice.
    Garnished with shaved banana blossom.

    Branch #1 at 740 Story Road, Ste 3 is better. The CHOW database incorrectly lists Branch#2.

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      Just a reminder that the CHOW Places database is member-generated. If you see an error, please help your community by editing the record and making the correction.

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        Thanks for letting me know--I hadn't realized that was possible.

        Bun Bo Hue An Nam
        740 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122

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          Thanks for taking care of that. And, my comment was directly generally and not specifically for you. It bears repeating periodically, as the Places entries often are at the top of a google search and the first place that newcomers will find Chowhound info.

    2. I think this place on 4th Street in San Jose that you taked about closed for awhile and re-opened in both Santa Clara and in San Jose. The place is called Ca Mau and New Ca Mau. They are located in San Jose and Santa Clara respectively.

      Bun Bo Hue An Nam is also very good so I think anyone of these places would work.

      As for stuff on the Peninsula - I have tried many and none have really made the cut. When I use to live in San Mateo the one at Pho Saigon would sometimes be just ok but not really. I think I had it at Ang Hong once and didn't like theirs at all.

      1. Third on BBH An Nam, Story Rd.

        1. Normally, I'd echo the rec for BBH An Nam on Story Road (I haven't been to the other locations), but my visit about a month ago was pretty disappointing. The beef (both the muscle & the connective tissue) was tough, ie not cooked long enough, the broth almost devoid of heat, and the noodles too soft. Also the side of julienned veggies was almost all cabbage, not much banana flower. So different from my past visits. I was hearing/reading downhill reports since they opened the 2nd location, but I didn't expect it to be such a steep downhill.

          My photo below. Note lack of red oil droplets. Maybe I should've asked for extra-spicy but normally you don't have to say anything and you'd get a nice spice level. Oops, photo didn't get attached. Go to this link for photo:

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            Your noodles do look too soft.

            It was a little rocky two months ago, but I had a bowl on Sunday which was very nice. Plenty of banana blossoms, maybe a little too generous with the pork blood. Here's hoping they're just getting some kinks out.

          2. I *love* BBH, and I also love BBH An Nam, but I think My Khe (specializes in Central Vietnamese food) down the street is pretty good (though it's a little bit more hole-in-the-wall than BBH An Nam). While I can't guarantee that you'll love it (since it's been awhile for me), it's at least another place to try :) If not, their appetizers are delicious.