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Tasty Tacos in Glendale

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Heading down Central Avenue, a couple of small blocks south of Colorado, look for Tacos Azteca on the West side of the street. It's in a free-standing little building which looks like it may have been a Pioneer Chicken in a past life. The owners must have opened it recently; the illuminated rooftop sign from the previous restaurant hasn't been replaced yet, only covered with a banner, making the restaurant difficult to identify as a Mexican place at night. Most of the menu is painted in bright Mexican colors on the window, however. I did a double-take while driving by and swung around the block.

We sampled both the shrimp cocktail and ceviche; both were delicious, but I'm new to these items. The tacos were outstanding: generous servings of tasty meat (Pastor, Carnitas, Asada but there are more meats available), fresh onions and cilantro, a dollop of spicy sauce and a slice of lemon for each one. The two soft tortillas underneath were prepared nicely, too, not just picked up out of a bag.

We each had three items, but I went back for a fourth - at a dollar each for the tacos, I couldn't lose. I was intrigued by a little sign explaining the 12-taco special: 12 tacos and 2 canned sodas for 12 bucks.

I thought Tacos Azteca sounded familiar, so I asked the cashier if there was another one in town. Yes there is, it turns out, on Verdugo near Glendale High School, up the street from Zankou Chicken.

On the way home, in a daze and caught up in the taco spirit, my girlfriend and I decided to head over to the other Tacos Azteca to test the tacos over there. Yup - just as good!

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  1. thanx for the scoop...i'll have to give it a try. this place obviously made quite an impression on you. :)

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      Yes, thanks -- this one I'm definitely going to try. Always looking for places to eat in Glendale given my largely inexplicable fixation on only seeing movies in Glendale multiplexes (is it just because the prices are 50 cents cheaper?)

      BTW: if y'all haven't tried it, Tacos Corona on the wside of Glendale Bl (in Atwater, not Glendale, but close) is a cheap, friendly, family-run joint that's worth a visit. The meats are decent but what I like best there are the potato tacos/ burritos. For an unparalleled experience in carbo-loading, try a potato-veggie burrito. Then try to run a mile. :)