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Jul 23, 2001 06:48 PM

Need a Santa Monica Meeting Place

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I have to meet someone in Santa Monica Thursday night to exchange some business documents. I am driving up from Orange County and my counterpoint is driving over from the Valley. I don't know Santa Monica and need a convenient meeting place that could host a nice inexpensive meal and/or drink.


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  1. Try Lula's on Main Street (if you don't mind getting pulverized by the best margaritas in LA). Excellent (and different) Mexican food.

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    1. re: brian
      Gina Coddington

      Since we will both be fighting rush-hour traffic...

      1. re: Gina Coddington

        Close to the 405 freeway in west Los Angeles are Cafe 50s, a diner on Santa Monica Boulevard just west of Barrington (decent hamburgers, shakes, etc.), Sawtelle Kitchen, a good restaurant specializing in Euro-Japanese fish on Sawtelle Boulevard between La Grange and Mississippi (take the Santa Monica exit from the 405, turn left at Santa Monica and left at Sawtelle after passing under the freeway; drive down Sawtelle about five blocks--the restaurant is on the left and not very easy to spot), scads of other places that don't leap to mind.

        1. re: Samo

          Also along Santa Monica there, just by 50's diner, is Terried Sake House (look for picture of squid on sign), a little down homey japanese place that my boyfriend swears is just like he used to eat (and drink) at after school in Japan. Also there is a vietnamese place (Saigon Garden??? not sure), a couple of sushi places (California Roll, forget other name but it is a couple doors down), a persian place (Javan) in a mini mall irectly across the street from 50's cafe. You should park in the mini mall parking lot for any of these restaurants. They are all on Santa Monica Blvd between Barry and Federal, just east of Barrington.

      2. re: brian

        Lula may be my least favorite and THE least Mexican sit-down restaurant in LA. I have tried it 3 times in 7 years and the only thing that I enjoyed was the Brownie with White Chocolate Chips served warm. If I want better Mexican food I will go to Taco Bell.

      3. Why Santa Monica? Brentwood is closer to the 405 Freeway. Should we give you ideas for that area?
        If you really want SM, go to Chez Mimi on 26th St. just South of San Vincente. Excellent food and surroundings. Best Tarte Tatin. Not too pricey. Less than 15 minutes from the freeway at rush hour, less at off hours.

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        1. re: Larry
          Gina Coddington

          Honestly, Larry -- I don't know Brentwood and I barely know Santa Monica.

          I am open to any suggestions that are easy to find from the freeway, especially since I will be trying to give directions to an area/place I have never been.

          Should have added that the person I am meeting is a vegetarian... (Indian, actually).

          I am vaguely familiar with the fact that there are restaurants along Sawtelle but don't know anything about them.

        2. k
          Karen Listick

          There's a great Indian restaurant called Bombay Cafe right off the Santa Monica freeway (Bundy Dr. exit, I believe). They have a bar and awesome food. A pretty well-known restaurant with nice atmosphere. Not super expensive. One of my favorite restaurants!