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Jan 18, 2008 05:34 PM

Corkage Fee/Policy at Crush

I was wondering what the corkage fee/policy is at crush. Thanks

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  1. i usually find out by giving the restaurant a call.

    1. They charged us $30 for one bottle. Given that the four of us also purchased a bottle of champagne from the list, 2 glasses of Sauterne, plus some after dinner drinks, I thought they might have comped the corkage, and was surprised when they did not.

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      1. re: sjb

        Another reason to avoid Crush. As I recall their wine list is slanted towards NW wines and not all that impressive. 30 bucks for corkage is ridiculous.

        1. re: landguy

          They ended up not charging us anything, granted it was a special occasion.

      2. Hint: be nice - offer the waiter a glass of you're wine...that usually does the trick!