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Jan 18, 2008 05:19 PM


Any to be found in Marin? Tried the Italian deli in Town Center in CM in the fall but nada.

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  1. I don''t know about Marin but most of the artisanal meat product people sell it. It is not always available but Fatted Calf, Boccalone, Cafe Rouge etc. have all sold it at one time or another.

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    1. re: wally

      Niman ranch also sells Guanciale.

    2. I've seen it at A.G. Ferrari. Looks like there's one in Corte Madera:

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      1. re: orezscu

        that's where I went, but it was a few months ago. maybe a shipment has come in!

      2. Sarah, I have ordered Niman guanciale from the butcher at Woodlands Market in Kentfield. It was there in a day or two. And even better, should be be in Santa Rosa, was the house-made guanciale from Traverso's; they do not always have it in stock, however, so perhaps checking in advance would be wise.

        Traverso's Gourmet Foods
        2097 Stagecoach Rd,, Santa Rosa, CA

        Woodlands Market
        735 College Ave, Kentfield, CA 94904

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        1. re: alfairfax

          Thank you. I'll call Woodlands and also Paradise (closer).

          1. re: alfairfax

            Haven't tried Niman's and Traverso's housemade head to head for a while, but I recall Niman's tasting flat and mostly salty, whereas Traverso's has the requisite acidic tang.

          2. just wondering if this was inspired by the NYT article about the use of guanciale in arrabiata sauces. i've also seen recipes which used guanciale instead of bacon or pancetta for carbonara. so...while we're talking about guanciale, what about san francisco? any reliable sources? i've never had it and i'm super curious.

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            1. re: augustiner

              A.G. Ferrari says they'll special order it, though I've never tried. Lucca's Ravioli on Valencia had it, according to a friend, but the one time I asked for it there no one behind the counter even knew what it was. I've resorted to mail-ordering guanciale.

              1. re: david kaplan

                they didn't know what it was? that's not very encouraging. would you give any recs for mail-ordered guanciale?

                1. re: augustiner

                  Why mail order? It's easy to find around here. Just go to the Ferry Plaza Farmer's market. You can special order it from both Fatted Calf and Niman Ranch for pick up at the market.

                2. re: david kaplan

                  Lucca Ravioli sells guanciale. There was a sign in the glass case when I was there a few weeks ago.

                  1. re: Atomica

                    Thrilled to report that I just bought Niman Ranch guanciale at Lucca's. They said they started stocking it a month ago and will try to have it regularly.

                    1. re: david kaplan

                      Which Lucca, Lucca Ravioli in the Mission or Lucca Deli in the Marina?

                      1. re: farmersdaughter

                        Lucca Ravioli.

                        Lucca Ravioli
                        1100 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

                        1. re: Atomica

                          Yes, Lucca Ravioli on Valencia in the Mission.

                3. re: augustiner

                  You can get excellent guanciale at the Fatted Calf at the Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market. They don't have it every week, but you can check their website (or sign up for their email newsletter) so that you can see what they are bringing to the market that week.

                  P.S. The Times article was about amatriciana sauce, not arrabiata (arrabiata means "angry" and is usually a tomato based sauce with chile flakes or chile peppers; amatriciana is a sauce which arguably originated in Amatrice, a town in the Lazio region of Italy, east of Rome, near the border of Lazio and Abruzzo).

                  1. re: farmersdaughter

                    oops! i had a feeling i had the wrong sauce, but was too lazy to double check. thanks for setting me straight.

                  2. re: augustiner

                    I want to try it in carbonara instead of using pancetta. [in response to augustiner]

                  3. thanks Sarah - -i am new to Chowhound and didn't read far enough. will try Woodlands Market and deli in Town Center in CM. yes, stimulated by the article in the NYTimes. How suggestible we are.

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                    1. re: nonnajudi

                      Between a lingering cold and the weather, haven't been inspired to do any actual shopping around. My dream carbonara will have to wait, but let me know how your search works out!