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Jul 23, 2001 02:11 PM

La Parilla in Boyle Heights

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This is a great Mexican restaurant in the classic mold of those wonderful places that operated all over the city when I was growing up. The chains have put most of them out of business, but La Parilla still serves generous portions of beautifully prepared and presented food, cooked in a familiar, yet intriguingly new way. The rooms are bright, yet a little funky. The staff is friendly and welcoming. The tortillas are perfect, fat, slightly greasy and add just the right accent to this super food. I can't wait to go back for another Filete a la Tampiquena. Gracias and bravo a la cocina!!

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      1. re: brian

        Brian, our feeling around here is that it's hard to find great chow, but real easy to look up an address (try, it works like a charm).

        If hound A takes time out of a busy day to share a chow report, it's not unreasonable to expect hound B to look up the address him/herself. And perhaps post that address for the benefit of hounds C and D. This is a community, and everyone pitches in.



        1. re: brian

          these guys have branches on wilshire, around 1400 nearthat large hospital there, and i also think up in northridge..but the boyle heights location is superb..hey they've got live mariachis to go with the delicious food(sannper veracuz recommended) and tasty home made (real) guacamole...if you've got an adventurous date- boyle heights gets my vote(but what would i know? I've been married quite a few years...)

        2. Do you die for burnt tortillas? Does nothing make your nostrils flare like bland guacamole? Is your idea of a perfect steak dry and stringy? Then head to La Parilla immediately.