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Jan 18, 2008 04:51 PM

Best restaurants for Foie Gras in Chicago's burbs

Obviously you can't get foie gras in the city anymore, but does anyone have any recommendations on where to go outside of Chicago?

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  1. If you're asking where you can get it, it seems like it's on the menu at just about any upscale French or contemporary American restaurant in the suburbs. I think the Chicago ordinance has increased its availability and popularity outside the city.

    The very best, most delicious, most creative preparation I've had was at Michael in Winnetka, where I had a medallion of seared foie gras over foie gras and mushroom strudel. It was just fantastic. You can read the full report of my meal there at

    Other places I've had it lately include Vie in Western Springs, Tallgrass in Lockport, Bistro 22 in Lake Zurich, and Quince in Evanston. But I suspect that's probably just because those are the upscale places I've been in the suburbs recently; I bet you could choose another five similar type restaurants at random and you'll find that most of them are serving it, too.

    Of the above, Michael, Tallgrass, and Vie were just spectacularly wonderful meals, among my top five meals of the year.

    I haven't been there in a little while but I often check the specials board as I'm walking by and they always seem to have it at the equally-excellent Chef's Station in Evanston, too.

    1. Yes, you can get it in the city and I've had it at multiple restaurants in the past few months. Just be prepared to decode the menu and ask the right questions. The best presentation I've ever had was at a restaurant in a hotel located in the Chicago Ave./Mich. Ave area (hint hint).

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        There are numerous restaurants in the city where you can get it. However, due to the city's ban, it would be best not to name them here (or even hint at them).

        Some places may not show it on the menu or may have it with a clever, cutesy name, or you may even see a $17 appetizer labeled as toast.

        At one fairly well-known contemporary restaurant in the city last year, it was on their printed menu, the first item shown, clear as day (and yes, they had it).