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Jan 18, 2008 04:26 PM

刮包 Gua Bao (taiwanese burger): HELP!

does anybody know where i can find a really good version of 刮包 (gua bao) anywhere??

刮包 (gua bao) - aka "taiwanese burger." it's a taiwanese street snack that consists of stew pork (both fatty & lean), pickled cabbage, cilantro, and peanut/sugar powder in a fresh steamed bun.

i assume most (if any) taiwanese places that'd serve this would be in SGV/Temple City/etc. I'm just not sure where.

any help will be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I think I have seen it at Sinbala, and the I-Mei on Atlantic Blvd (in the plaza next to Elite). Can't tell you if they are good though.

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    1. re: fdb

      hey thanks so much for your help! I'll definitely be on the hunt and report back. much appreciated.

      have you (or anybody) tried it at QQ or Won Won Kitchen in Temple City?

      1. re: inmandarin

        If choosing between the two, then the gua bao at Won Won is better. In fact, just about everything is better at Won Won.

        But really, the best place to get this at would be at Ding's or Lu's Garden.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          thanks so much for clarifying that. i may stop into Won Won just to see what it's all about. but i'll definitely check out ding's and/or lu's garden for the star.. i'll definitely report back and let you know what i think.

    2. They have it at Yi-Mei deli in San Gabriel. 608 E. Valley Blvd. # G

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      1. re: koshie

        thanks so much for the address koshie. really

        1. re: koshie

          If this Yi-Mei is the same as "Ye May" on Valley, and i'm 99% sure it is, please pass go and do not collect.

          easily the most horrendous rendition of all things Taiwanese including, but not limited to: bad egg omelette, bad bao, bad mi jiang, bad oyster pancake, you name it, they'll EFF it up.

          an often forgotten restaurant which serves this bao cold everyday for breakfast:
          Four Seas
          Hacienda Heights
          snappy review and pix:

          for a bao that's quicker than MCDs mcmuffin, this is a fine fine version.

          1. re: TonyC

            I don't think many people noticed, but a little over a year ago the "Yi Mei" by the San Gabriel Superstore on Valley changed to "Yee May." I wouldn't be surprised if that name change reflected new ownership, and could explain why the food there is currently not up to the old Yi Mei, or the Yi Mei in Rowland Heights.

            1. re: TonyC

              The Yei Mei in Rowland Heights is still good, although Four Seas have better seating area and less of a zoo.

              I've kind of seen the bun mentioned on the display case at Yei Mei, but usually it's wrapped in the flaky pastry (shao bing), not the white doughy buns, and certainly never sugar/peanut powder. Do they really have the gua bao too?

              1. re: TonyC

                really interesting take on Yi-Mei. i'll definitely keep that in mind when i pass by there. the versions i've had in taipei were definitely not served cold. but i suppose the wait staff can heat it up for me if i requested. thanks very much for your insight. much appreciated.

              2. re: koshie

                I had it at Yi Mei recently, but didn't know what it was called. It was the first time I've had it, so I don't have anything to go by, but it was delicious.

                They warmed it for me and the bun was sweet and soft and the pork inside was so tender it practically melted. It's also pretty fatty, so probably not the healthiest thing to eat. I liked the sweet sauce that they smear on the inside.

              3. Along with Yi-mei, I've seen 'em at:

                Ding Pangzi: 115-117 N. Lincoln Ave. (nr. Garfield & Garvey), Monterey Park
                Mei-lin Tou-chiang: 1257 E. Valley Blvd. (nr. Lee's Sandwiches), Alhambra

                Can't give a recommendation since I haven't tried 'em...can't get past the regular bao.

                Good hunting.

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                1. re: yclops

                  Oh, you have to try it! It's totally delicious if done right. Imagine the complexity of taste from melt-in-your-mouth fatty pork belly, salty/sour pickled cabbage, pungent cilantro and sweet peanut power! I normally don't like fatty pork, but I make exception for this.

                  1. re: yclops

                    ahhhh yclops, much appreciated! monterey park and alhambra, CHECK.

                    1. re: inmandarin

                      found at Yi Mei on Atlantic:

                      note: house made bao w/o the pork also available for sale.