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Jan 18, 2008 04:14 PM

any new spots in asbury park

we are going to asbury park this weekend.. can anyone recommend anything.. we want byo and non-ethnic. thanks

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  1. This won't effect you, but don't ever go to Synakis. (Greek/Seafood) Just do a search and you will see. I know you want BYOB and non-ethnic, but just in case the future your self big $$$ and go elsewhere.

    Sorry, I don't frequent AP much because when I do..I seem to go to bad restaurants.

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    1. Moonstruck is excellent but is not BYO since being in its current location.

    2. Restaurants I would suggest in AP are not BYOB. Of course, there is BYOB Bistro Ole' which hasn't been getting good comments lately. Their old chef has opened a new, really good, restaurant in Belmar, Viva's, if you want to travel a little further south. Also in Bradley Beach I like BYOB Bella Sogno.

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      1. re: SusieQQ

        thanks.. i will check out.. but we are going to a concert in AP tonight

        1. re: lovefoodnj

          What about Isabella's? I have not been, but I passed it last weekend after we parked and walked to Synakis....

          I could not find a web page to post, so maybe someone ele could post on it.

          Good luck.

          1. re: Angelina

            Isabella's wasn't good when I went. See my review around here somewhere. Not many BYOB options in AP.

            1. re: bgut1

              Thanks bgut!! I trust your honesty...I won't go there.

        2. re: SusieQQ

          you mention Bisto Ole' ..I Think it is outstanding ,but it so dark it is hard to find the food and somewhat cramped feels you eating with the people next you ....At the end of my last meal there I got stawberrie with whipped cream ...the best I have ever had ! They do go the extra mile to please there customers ..well worth the trip ..

          1. re: big1515

            The last few times I ate there, I didn't think the food was as good as it used to be. Mynew favorite is Viva's in is my understanding that Chef Will from Bistro Ole' opened it.

            1. re: SusieQQ

              I agree that the food at Bistro Ole is not as good as it used to be. We went on Friday night, a party of four, and while it wasn't a complete disappointment exactly, neither was it the solid experience it used to be. The fried calamari tapas tasted oily. My sea bass with pine nuts was actually very very good, but the desserts (tres leches and a special chocolate mousse cake) both fell very short of the mark. They tasted "boxed." Considering as well the noise and the expense and the Houlihan's vibe it has going lately--it's no longer on my list of best local places. Sigh.

        3. Captain Jack's in Ocean Grove (right next door to AP) is a nice BYO with very good food and reasonable prices. On the main drag through OG.

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