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Jan 18, 2008 03:39 PM

Restaurant in Vegas for Rehersal dinner

We are having family and friends fly in for our little ceremony in Vegas in April.. It will be at the Border Grill in MB on a Saturday afternoon. Since all will be from out of town and a few have not experienced real Vegas, we would like to do a rehersal dinner somewhere that everyone would like that is not too expensive. If we were not doing Mexican for the ceremony, we would most likely go to Lindo Michaelian (sorry, spelling is not my strong suit), but that is out. But that gives you all a price range.
People will pay for themselves.
several in the party are foodies and all fun folks.
Ideas please?

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  1. How much is the budget? and how many people?

    I think Sensi in Bellagio may fit the bill at about $20-is per entree. They make great drinks and the setting is beautiful though not necessarily a huge restaurant. The food is solid and will be acceptable to foodies and casual eaters will appreciate it too. It's on the same hallway as Jean Phillipe where your party can grab delicious desserts after and walk over to watch the fountain show right outside.