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Jan 18, 2008 03:30 PM

Southern Street BBQ with Mr.Chau's, Mt.View

I drove by there today and saw the sign for the BBQ which must be fairly new. After trying Mr.Chau's on a recommendation and thinking it was worse than Chun King, I wonder if there's any remote chance the BBQ can be good. Anybody tried it?

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  1. What is the location of "Southern Street BBQ with Mr.Chau's" in Mt. View?

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      It's on El Camino between Shoreline and El Monte.

    2. A little clarification...are there two restaurants in the same place, or is Mr Chau's now serving Souther Street BBQ?

      Any way, I've never been to Mr. Chau's but didn't need to, to know it would be bad. That one on MV always struck me as odd, like does anyone ever go in?

      1. Just went and sampled. Yes, two restaurants sharing the same space. I don't know if this is an entrepreneurial effort or a chain. The guy running the bbq side was clearly separate from the Mr. Chau's group, but they share the kitchen and cashier. Motto on bbq menu is "home of the 16 hour brisket". Extensive menu with many combo options either from the "Pitt" or the "Fryer". We got the "4th St combo", which was two pieces of brisket, one pork rib and 6 hot links w/choice of 2 sides $ white bread for $7.95. There are larger combos for around $11.95 and sandwiches (pulled pork, brisket) for $3.95. Fryer options include southern fried chicken and catfish.

        All around, ok. My husband liked the brisket and thought the rib was "tasty". We both agreed that the links lacked flavor and were kinda hot doggy. Zingy bbq sauce and decent baked beans. I liked the cole slaw (not heavy on the mayo and fresh crispy cabbage), but my husband wasn't into the pineapple in it.

        He's currently running a special for $3.69: 1/4 bbq chicken with 2 sides (reg. price $5.95).

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