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Jan 18, 2008 03:25 PM

Cookie Cake Help

My sister's birthday is coming up and she LOVES giant cookie cakes, like the ones they make at Wegman's, complete with the sugary icing. I would love to make one for her from scratch. Has anyone attempted to make one? Is it as simple as just making a batch of batter and literally baking one enormous cookie? I wonder about it cooking evenly. Any icing suggestions? TIA!

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    1. re: Emme

      Happy B'dy to your sister. In the past what I have done is make the usual recipe, then spread it on the prepared cookie sheet and take the handle tip of a wooden spoon and create quarter sized holes. that way when it spreads it won't lose it's shape, nor puff too much. Make sure it's really cooled before you frost.

    2. Yes, it's that simple. I wet my hands and spread the dough, rewetting when needed so it doesn't stick. I do lower the temperature about 25 degrees.

      1. Thanks for the advice, guys! Any thoughts on the frosting?

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        1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

          Royal icing is good for decorating or writing words.

          Depending what type of cookie you make, I'm a huge cream cheese frosting fan, but hey, that's me, the type that can eat cream cheese frosting from a spoon :)

          Nutella is another good option, esp if you thin and heat a little with milk.

        2. For the frosting most just use the typical American buttercream and a pretty stiff version (e.g. more powdered sugar). Both Cooks Illustrated online or if you google Magnolia bakery cupcake recipe have this type of buttercream recipe. It is basically butter and powdered sugar and flavoring (vanilla or otherwise). The store places probably use shortening, but the bakery type which is a bit different than the stuff you can get in the stores. If you really want to use that I heard you can often buy it from local bakeries.

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          1. re: jsaimd

            The Magnolia Cafe buttercream is a good one but w/ less milk since you probably want to decorate it w/ the frosting. I wouldn't frost the whole cookie, though. It would be way too sweet. If you do want to frost it all, maybe something like very thin chocolate ganache. But, I'd rather do w/out.

          2. The Magnolia buttercream sounds like it'll be good. I don't plan on frosting the whole thing-- just a swirly border and Happy Birthday. I agree, frosting the whole thing would be overkill. Thanks again!