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Jan 18, 2008 03:17 PM

heart attack dogs + mexican corn

Hello chowhounders! :)

After seeing a picture of my friend eating a mayo, cheese, and paprika covered corn on the cob, I realized I needed to throw a party with some of my favorite ghetto street foods: the heart attack dog (bacon-wrapped hot dog topped with grilled onions and bell peppers), and some mexican corn (not sure of its official, or unofficial name).

I've tried the bacon wrapped hot dog before, but I feel like it didn't taste the same as the ones i've had outside of a club at 2am. I tried my best to copy it visually, but maybe there's something that's not so obvious that is included in the making of this, heart-attack inducing, late-night snack.

and the mexican corn. Is it just butter, mayo, parmesan cheese, and paprika? Or is it a different kind of cheese?

Any advice, tips, or own recipes would be great and really helpful.

Thanks all!

*edit: for those unfamiliar with the bacon-wrapped hot dog. here's a post from the Los Angeles board:

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  1. I dont know much about the hot dog...we eat ours with sharp american, hot pickles, tomato and yellow mustard!

    However, the corn we do is butter, lime, chili powder and cojita cheese...sometimes I use a hot chili powder, just for kicks.

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      The starchier the corn, the better. Tapatio is also good. I like mayo, cheese, chili, powderand lime.

      It's also good on a bowl of canned corn.

      Be sure to have lots of napkins!

    2. How did you cook the hot dog? I've had good luck with them using a commercial flat top. At home I would suggest getting a griddle as hot as possible and then reducing the temperature. Once hot lightly oil the griddle and lay on the hot dogs. Cook slowly enough so that the bacon gets crisp but doesn't burn, roll as needed. I usually slit mine and put some cheese in the slit before I wrap on the bacon. I also overlap the bacon and wrap it as tightly as I can so that as the bacon shrinks the dog is still covered.

      For the corn use field corn if you can find it as it will have the starch and "tooth" to it that you need. For the mayo use McCormick's mayonesa which is easily found in Mexican markets and very common in Mexico. Some vendors offer crema as well as mayonesa. A lot of it has added lime for a little tang. The paparika is really chile powder and the cheese is crumbled cotija. And don't forget the lime wedges. I've also made this using frozen corn (when I couldn't find field corn, or needed large volume) and layering the ingredients in small plastic cups.

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        ooh thanks for the suggestions everybody :) luckily there's a mexican market near my house, so I'll try to stay as... authentic as possible.

      2. My niece and nephew who live in Mex City would come to the states and use mayo, the nasty green can parm cheese and fresh lime and chile powder on their corn. Cotija is the sharp cheese that is used in Mexico if I'm not mistaken.

        1. I've always used mayo, queso fresco and tapatio like a mexican co-worker taught me. I've never thought to try it over canned corn when there's no fresh corn. Thanks for the idea, Mar52!