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Jan 18, 2008 02:50 PM

Restaurant for weekend lunch with parking underground

I am looking for a good restaurant to take my 90 year old mother where I can park underground so she doesn't have to go out in the cold. Your suggestions would really be appreciated. Right now the only restaurants I can think of are those in Bayview village. Would appreciate other suggestions..


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  1. Most of the office buildings in the financial district have discounted parking on the weekends. You can access restaurants such as Beerbistro from relatively nearby, perhaps after dropping your mother off at the door.

    1. Is there a part of town you want stick to or avoid? There is underground parking below the Manulife Centre at Bay & Bloor. You can take an elevator from the parking level up to the ground level where the Bloor Street Diner is or up to the 51st floor to the more upscale Panorama.

      55 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M4W1A5, CA

      Bloor Street Diner
      55 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M4W1A5, CA

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        I second the Bloor Street Diner recommendation. Very mom-friendly.

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          The main floor cafe (name escapes me for now) in The Four Seasons at Cumberland/Yorkville. Drive through the entrance on Cumberland where the Valet will park your car and you and your Mom walk through the Hotel to the Cafe. You might need a reservation so best to call first.

      2. All of the financial district towers have underground parking, but a lot of the restos are not open for weekend lunch unfortunately (I had a bunch of suggestions e.g. Soul of the Vine, Biff's, but they're not open weekends).

        The only one I can think of that's open on weekends is Richtree in Brookfield Place (used to be Movenpick Marche in what was then BCE Place), but the cafeteria style might be too unwieldy for your mother?

        There's also Shopsy's on Front (I'm not saying its great, or that the food will be suitable for your Mom, but it's... nostalgic... and accessible from the underground parking in the building and is probably open weekends - you'd have to check.

        This is not for everyone's taste: but Le Commensal (vegetarian) on Elm is accessible from underground parking at Minto Plaza (and I think they have a parking deal if you eat at the resto).

        I'm sure many of the downtown hotels will also have the underground parking option for their restos and/or valet parking (e.g. Royal York, Delta Chelsea, King Eddie?, etc.).

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          We also have a 90yr old relative...lots of choices...Roof Top Hyatt Bloor and Ave...Valet parking....Restaurant Signatures in Hotel Intercontinental Bloor at Bedford Valet or Underground....Deslile Court Yonge and St Clair...Cava or Didier...or Holt Renfrew Resto...parking in behind...Miranda