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Jan 18, 2008 02:34 PM

Ice Cream for hostess gift

Attending a cocktail party tomorrow night and am bringing a very nice ice cream scoop and some lovely dishes as a playful gift for the hostess. I want to include a nice pint of ice cream (or gelato) BUT I am not an ice cream eater. What would be the best brand/flavor to bring the lovely hostess?
I stopped by D&D after work and the frozen-over pints of Ciao Bella looked off-putting.

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  1. Close your eyes, turn around 3 times, and point to any Ben & Jerry's pint. You can't go wrong.

    1. Stop by Il Laboratorio del Gelato and pick up a pint of something interesting.

      1. Try Ronnybrook Dairy Farm (they are at some greenmarkets and also have a Milk Bar in Chelsea Market). Their vanilla is heavenly, the chocolate amazingly decadent, the coffee clean and fresh, etc. etc. :)

        1. Definitely go to Il Laboratorio del Gelato. It's on Orchard just south of Delancey. The quality is amazing, they have interesting flavors in addition to the standard ones, and it's not as ubiquitous as Ciao Bella so it will make for a good hostess gift. I would suggest getting one of the seasonal or non-standard flavors as opposed to something that most brands make (like plain vanilla or hazelnut) - I love the vanilla saffron and honey lavender, but they don't always have those flavors.

          1. Il Laboratorio del Gelato, without question.

            You can either get them from their Orchard/Delancey main store and factory, or at Whole Foods.