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Jan 18, 2008 02:33 PM

Specialty Beer Stores?

Hey all -

Coming from San Francisco, and looking to take back some Dogfish Head beers, perhaps some other things I can only find out here. Any suggestions for a convenient well-stocked beer store? Last time, I found a few good options at the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle, but I went today and didn't find what I was looking for. (FYI, they were selling Utopia for $199/bottle.)

I saw a mention of a place called B & E Quality Beverage on 23rd on another site, but it looks like they're closed. I've heard good things about Bierkraft in Brooklyn, but that might be a bit tough to get to (I'm staying in Washington Heights).


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  1. Go to the new beer store at the Whole Foods on Bowery. Much more selection than the Columbus Circle one. There are also some good dogfish beers at New Beer Distributors at 167 Chrystie St in the LES.

    There is also a deli on 2nd avenue and I think 10th street (it has a green awning) that has a fantastic selection of beers that might be worth checking out.

    sorry I don't know anything closer to you.

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    1. re: roze

      I'll second the New Beer Distributors on Chrystie. They're going to have the most interesting selection in Manhattan. I can't recommend Whole Foods, in part because I hate the Whole Foods vibe, in part because New Beer is not so far away and is simply better.

      1. re: jasmurph

        Yes, New Beer !!! The selection there is amazing and great prices too. The deli beneath sigiri has a pretty good selection as well.

        1. re: randumbposter

          strong second/third/fourth on New Beer; great selection, definitely cheaper than other joints for some interesting stuff

    2. 1. Take the q to Atlantic Ave...
      2. Go to Bierkraft on 5th Ave in Park Slope...
      3. Buy beer, cheese, chocolates and assorted salumi
      4. Be glad that you did.

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      1. re: sjjn

        i second bierkraft!! i lived there for a year and still take the subway there to get beer. Whole foods is good on houston. call me crazy, but it's good, admit it

      2. If you're in downtown Manhattan try Hercules Fancy Grocery on 7th Ave. This place sells nothing but beer.

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          Sad to say, Hercules remains shuttered - the Mr. was in poor health last time I was in, and the Mrs. gave it a shot for just a bit, but no more.

          1. re: bob192

            That's sad. I think the fire that gutted the store a few years back really took its toll on that guy.

            1. re: bob192

              Really? I think he's re-opened and has been for awhile. I live right around the corner and pass it daily. He was open the other day (friday, Jan 18) and I even said hi to him. His hours / days might've become a little less predictable, but for all I can tell, he's open and serving that great selection of beer and picking tunes on his greek guitar. business as usual.

          2. I was going to suggest the same deli as the 1st commenter - the one on 2nd and 10th with the green awning has an amazing beer selection, and I'm quite sure they have Dogfish Head (well, they did the last time I was there, but that was about 6 months ago).

            I also agree with the recs for Whole Foods on Bowery/Houston, and Bierkraft in Park Slope.

            1. Thanks for the recs. I ended up at the Whole Foods on Bowery - pretty nice range of selections. I didn't find all that I was looking for, but came away with a few interesting bottles to pack away! Not knowing NY that well, I didn't realize the New Beer Distributors was so close, would have checked that out also . . .

              I was coming from the strong beer festival at Hop Devil Grill - awesome bar! They were charging $2.50 for each 4 ounce pour, had a selection of maybe 20-25 strong beers. Tried a few, as a note, my favorite was this one: