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Jan 18, 2008 02:32 PM

Johnny Rocket's Burgers? [Moved from Manhattan board]

A Johnny Rocket's Burger place just opened at 56th & 3rd. I've never heard of them. Can anyone on the board offer info? Good? Bad? Mediocre? Any info that will help those of us who hang in that neighborhood is welcome. Thanks.

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  1. My favorite thing about JR is their onion rings.

    1. I enjoy the chili fries actually.

      1. We have them all over LA. The owner of the Redskins owns the chain. My boyfriend is a Skins fan, so he made sure I'm aware of this.

        Mediocre, I'd say. Cute atmosphere, nothing fantastic. Average burger and fries, shakes. It's cheap enough that you wont regret eating there, but if you have a favorite burger place, you're better off going there instead.

        Yay, Redskins. ;)

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        1. re: Azizeh Barjesteh

          We have one over here in Hoboken, not the greatest burger in the world, but considering the options here it's a good choice. The breakfast isn't bad there.

        2. I'm kind of with everyone else. It's definitely better than standard fast food (Mickey D's, etc.) but IMHO, not as good as a burger at somewhere like Red Robin or Fuddruckers. The entertainment value is good, though, and the cherry Cokes are awesome.

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          1. re: Suzy Q

            IMHO the burgers are pretty awful at JR"S! Their shakes are really good though!