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Jul 22, 2001 01:15 AM

MVP Garden Restaurant, other Taiwanese?

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I had dinner last night at MVP in Monterey Park -- it was my first time and I really enjoyed it. We had huge shrinp -- fresh out of the tank and boiled. So simple, so sweet, each shrimp overflowing with delicious eggs. Also a wonderful, clean whole steamed fish which was introduced to us (brought to our table in a bucket) before being cooked. We also had massive steamed oysters with a very salty fermented black bean sauce. Dinner came with a complementary lotus root soup that was delicious. Has anyone been to MVP? What are the other Taiwanese style places fin Monterey Park? Dinner was followed by bubble tea rom MVP express.

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  1. I was under the impression that the MPV chain were Hong Kong style. There are a bunch of Taiwanese restaurants in the San Gabriel valley which come and go. Most of them are pretty small. One which just opened up is My Way Deli, 735 W. Garvey by the Rite Aide and 99 Ranch Mkt.

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      Glad to have your input -- I also thought it was Hong Kong style. My friend who took me spent time in Taiwan and recognized most of the dishes and assured me it was Taiwanese. The offerings reminded me of the Sweet and Tart in NYC which is Hong Kong all the way. I vote Hong Kong for MVP. I am fairly new to dining in the San Gabriel Valley -- any places I shouldn't miss?

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        I've been to SGV a few times - painfully meager by most CH standards, I'm sure - but really enjoyed both visits to Mei Long Village. Link to soup dumpling discussion below.


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          Here's an older link listing the best Chinese seafood restaurants in the Monterey Park/Alhambra/San Gabriel area. Note that Aberdeen became MPV Garden.


      2. Two other favorites: "NBC" on Atlantic after Garvey in Monterey Park, and "Harbor Seafood" on Valley and New. There are a plethora of these type of restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley area, but these two are my favorites.