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Jan 18, 2008 02:12 PM

What to cook this weekend to have leftovers for during the week?

I've been trying to be good about cooking something "big" over the weekend that'll translate into tasty (and easily reheated) leftovers for during the week.
Last weekend was pulled pork, the weekend before that was beef stew. Any suggestions for this weekend?

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  1. Curry. Lasange, Taco Filling (carnita), Ham, Roast.

      1. chicken cacciatore or other braised chicken dish.
        corn tortilla enchilada casserole
        roast chicken (reinvented for sandwiches, chicken a la king or empanadas)

        1. Black beans, chili, lentil soup, short ribs, lasagna, chicken liver pate, meatloaf, marinated soba noodles (to be eaten cold), poached shredded chicken for all sorts of applications, ... and always make stocks on weekends.

          1. I'm planning on doing a ton of cooking this weekend (have Monday off for MLK day) just so I can stock the fridge and freezer with some meals. So far, I'm thinking chili, french onion soup, meatloaf, a breakfast quiche and maybe some muffins.